We all hit that moment in our lives where we question our media habits. Some of us lock ourselves away hoarding food, water and precious blankets waiting for the inevitable binge. Others prefer to trail blaze and fight buggy debuts and tenacious day one streams. So what do you do as a new viewer of anime? Do you go with the flow and watch as they premier or do you wait and binge?

Sweetness and Lightning was a title that I HAD to watch as it aired. 

Frankly this is an issue of personal preference. You know yourself better than anyone else and can decide on what fits for you. Personally, I love to mix things up. I like watching the debuting anime that I am psyched for I.E. Sakura Quest. Others like Attack on Titan I prefer to binge after all is said and done.

Others may frankly prefer to wait to be fully honest. I personally feel that you can do what suit your needs best. Wait for that popular title to finish airing and then just binge it, boom you are done. This is especially nice if you want to watch at your own pace and to not feel pressured into keeping up with the pack. Frankly it is nice to just stroll around at your own pace.

Or get out there and keep up with a current release. There is just nothing more fun and enjoyable than being apart of a debut experience. Trust me when I say that I loved watching ERASED when it was debuting every week; I craved it badly man.

So long story short, do what is comfortable for you. You may have moments where you binge or you feverishly rush back to your room and you turn on that Crunchyroll. Don’t worry too much on the outward appearance or peer pressure. You can get enjoyment from both and only you will be able to figure out which one is more comfortable for you.


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  1. I definitely don’t mind watching a series after it is all said and done, but I have gotten used to the “weekly” episode regimen. Being a person who stays fairly currently with anime it doesn’t bother me if I don’t get the whole series right away. As you stated in your post you have to find what is right for you! Just find a niche that you like and enjoy 🙂

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  2. I binge and it isn’t because I can’t wait for the next episode to happen. It’s just because of time constraints. I rather focus on one show than juggling multiple shows.

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  3. I prefer waiting until all episodes are out. Makes the wait so much better because at the end, I have all eps to watch as I please. The only anime in recent memory that I just couldn’t afford to wait like usual is Yuri on Ice.

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