OGZ: We Got a new schedule!

So in the vein of worker more and harder, I opted to finally buckle down and actually organize my life. I’ve honestly always just done things last minute and its worked fine in school, just not day to day issues. That is where our new calendar comes into to play. I have without a doubt that this will help make things a bit more transparent for our posting of videos and podcasts. Yes you read right. Podcasts will be making a regular come back.

Right now the tentative plan is to release a podcast every Sunday. I have not worked out an exact time, but just know that Sunday is podcast time. I hope too keep you all entertained and interested with our podcast chats and discussions.

For our growing YouTube Channel, I am thrilled to say that every Tuesday we will have a video to roll out for you. This does rely on me having the time prior to shoot my episode and make sure it is all edited and good to go. Now as far as generalized posts go, those will vary from day to day. I also am still tackling Viewster posts in that mix as well, so bear that all in mind.

As you all may have seen we are driving more and more ‘build’ stylized posts and posts that have links back to Amazon. This is out of funding necessity and it is something that directly helps OGZ. I am trying to make it feel as painless as possible, but nothing is ever perfect. So I ask patience and understanding in this regard and I thank everyone who has purchased from our links so far! It goes a long way for us.

That pretty much wraps up our brief post. I wanted to get that announcement out there and into the wild so I can actually have something to go off. I am also making full use of a calendar system so there is that as well!

And as always please consider donating to our official PayPal.Me or using our TeePublic Store or potentially our Amazon Affiliate Links. ALL funding goes right back into OGZ and gives us the chance to feature more items and products on our channel and site; which in-turn can be given back to you all in the form of giveaways.


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