Anime Bridges to Us on a Deeper Level

We all have those anime that we adore beyond extent. The ones that can make us cry, feel inspired and the ones that create a connection. These emotional bridges help to carve out a better understanding and appreciation for the medium. March Comes in Like a Lion, Kyousougiga and ERASED are examples of anime that have an ability to create a bridge between their actions and world straight into our own day to day lives. These bridges can be essential or not as the success lays heavily upon the viewers own opinion and impression. If the viewer cannot be moved, then the bridge that was made is frail and will fall under its own weight. Anime can have a deeper effect on us, we just have to let it in.


Watching March Comes in Like a Lion always leaves me feeling… reflective. It has a way of presenting its art, its wordage, its sounds in such a way that it becomes an invocative masterpiece. Okay maybe not a perfect masterpiece, but the anime just has a way with dealing with the daily issues and perspectives that is beautiful. It gets you thinking and it pulls you into the deep end, sending your mind and thoughts into a dizzying whirlpool of thought. Kyousougiga is good in this manner too, just in a slightly more off the beaten path sort of function. It is a most confusing story, but it has heart and a hefty message to deliver. It gives us food for thought as we ponder the creative processes and what meaning they actually have. It explores matters of self-interest versus the better interest of a wider community. It crafts its bridges towards us in colorful, yet confusing ways that are beautiful to traverse and ponder.


Anime like these are beautiful in the creation of a bond between what is on screen and who is watching it unfold. This deep and entrenching affect can give the viewer a better understanding and outlook on their own life issues. Sure it isn’t a scientific result in any manner of the word, but  it sure as heck creates a better viewing experience. Having that relationship with something you are watching can give birth to a longer and fuller appreciation for said series. Anime like ERASED was one of the few times where an anime fully engrossed me. It left me wanting more of it’s thriller action and more of it’s phenomenal character exploration. It dealt with some pretty damn heavy themes of abuse and suffering; which is something I was sadly able to relate to. Sure it can be hard if a bridged connection is more personal, but it has tons more reward. You grow to better understand these characters and you genuinely feel for them. You are elated when they are elated, you are crushed when they are crushed.

These bridges help us to enjoy anime more so, it helps us to appreciate the deeper effect they have on our day to day lives. Anime is often misunderstood by its hentai counterparts and fan-service brethren. When it is shown in a light that can be emotionally invective, you have a recipe for something much more. Next time you watch an anime you love and admire, think about the deeper meaning behind why you love it. Walk that bridge that it has created in your life and fully come to understand what makes that anime beautiful.

All of the aforementioned titles can be streamed from Crunchyroll for free or with a membership. IF you are not into the watching, then feel free to use any of the hyperlinked words to grab a copy of it for reading.


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