OGZ Budget Builds: Beginner Blogger For 300USD!

One thing that I knew well growing up was that money and a balanced book was key. Success is what you make it out to be and money should never be a concern in your life. SO that is why I am throwing up a little post for the budget minded blogger. For this post we will dive into a 300USD setup that will get you started an blogging well into the future. Now my first setup was much different, but this setup is still plenty capable.


First off for this list is the HP 11” Stream. Now do not expect this laptop to do much in the way with video editing or high-end picture edits. This machine is made for an individual who wants practicality over features. This light weight laptop will still give you access to creature comforts like HDMI, USB and Micro SD ports. The only down side to this system is of course the measly 32gb of flash storage and Intel Celeron processor. This laptop retails for only retails for 189.99 on Amazon. What’s also great is that you get a years worth of Office 365 included at no extra charge. I would highly recommend Google Docs as a replacement for when that year runs out.


Next up is a solid fix for that storage issue and that is where the SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 128GB comes in. This little USB gives you a big amount of storage for a fraction of the cost and space of an external hard disk drive. It’s small size makes it perfect for travel and convince. Just be sure to not misplace that thing. This item will run you only 35.17USD


Now we all know you need something comfy and cozy for your laptop so why not add this item on at check out. It is the AmazonBasics 11” Felt sleeve that we actually own for our MacBook Pro. It is comfy, padded and has slots for all sorts of goodies. This will run you 3.69USD with add-on cost.


Needing more than one USB 3 port? Fear not for we have an awesome AmazonBasics 4 port USB 3 Hub. This will give you plenty of room for miscellaneous accessories for future use. The great part is that this only costs 16.99USD for so much expanded functionality.


Speaking of accessories we got you a Logitech M325c Wireless Mouse for that better control and function for general browsing; since all trackpads are not made equal… We find this mouse to be a more popular option and it comes in a variety of colors! This mouse will only run you 14.23USD.


Lastly for our list… some rocking Anker SoundBuds Bluetooth Wireless earphones. Sure not everyone will like an in ear style, but you cannot deny yourself some Anker goodness in your life. These also benefit by being sweatproof and perfect for other uses outside of listening to music. These swanky earphones will only put you back 25.99USD.

So there you have it. Coming in at roughly 287USD we have got you off and running with your very own budget friendly setup. With this you can get your foot in the door as a blogger and reach out further than you had previously imagined. Stay tuned for our next budget friendly post. Images featured is from the free website Pixabay.


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2 thoughts on “OGZ Budget Builds: Beginner Blogger For 300USD!

  1. Glad to see someone else had a positive experience with Anker! I’ve been using their portable battery bank and fast wall charger a lot lately and couldn’t be happier!

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    1. Anker is pretty swanky. We got some of their USB charge hubs at my day job now too.

      Liked by 1 person

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