OGZ Monthly Anime Round Up: May 2017

Alright so here is another new entry for our site, Monthly anime round up! Same premise

as our goodies round up; just anime. While this will differ from our review of anime that we stuck with, we still want to show case a few titles here and there. Essentially it’s like a taste and tip section for you all; except I did all the tasting… Let’s dive right in shall we? Oh as a side note, all anime featured are on Crunchyroll!


First up on this list is Eromanga-Sensei. This one is…. Interesting. I feel like that would be an understatement as it has it’s cringe worthy moments for sure. What I do love about this anime is just how amazingly presented it is. The characters are gorgeous and brought to life with such loving care from both the artist and voice actors.


Second on our list is the anime Flying Witch. We totally meant to review this one waayyyyy back and didn’t. Long story short and one sidetracked Kausus later…. I finally finished it. Let me tell you this. It is cute and wonderfully made and is a nice anime to tide myself on until Little Witch Academia finally launches on Netflix this June 30th. Huzzah!


Third and last up on our list is the anime March comes in like a lion. This anime is on one whole other level in terms of art, story and feeling. I honestly fell in love with its obscurity and have been nicely pacing myself through it. Really wanted to catch up to the new season and have not regretted that choice at all.

I hope you all enjoyed this small little pick list for the anime we randomly picked up for this month of may. Expect to see reviews on at least a few; once they finish their run.


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