OGZ’s Monthly Goodie Round Up: May 2017

Welcome to a new monthly post where at the end of each month I will rattle off some items of interest that you can grab from Amazon! Why Amazon? Well, as you all may know we are now affiliates with them. So that means anything you all purchase using our links, goes right back into an OGZ slush fund; if you will. So let’s get a cracking and dive right into this succulent selection.

First up to bat we have two awesome manga titles. These are Yuri romances/Pure-Yuri romances that are making waves in the Yuri community. I mean I have been searching for awesome titles like these that favor actual plot over… ‘plot’ Kase-San and Bento & Bloom Into You Vol. 2 are our picks for an excellent reading time.

Secondly we have tech. I just wanted to say thank you all so much for the great feedback and response to our recent videos. The focus has been on trying to provide you all with an awesome selection of videos that cover a wider range of topics. The accessories that we showcased in this tech goodie round up is a must have option for any techie out there.

We will feature a new tech addition to OGZ sometime next week, so please stay tuned for that review!


Third we of course have our gaming choice for this month and that has been Persona 5. Sure, for better or worse we love this game and we hate the lack of love for streamers. That is a hard pill to swallow, but I am in absolute love with the actual game itself. We absolutely adored the Take Your Heart edition of the game; totally worth the 60USD


Lastly we have a random object I found for any anime fan and that is the… Love Live Phone Stand: Maki Edition. You all know that Maki is our girl and why not showcase that by using a nice little phone holder? It is quaint and can blend pretty well into any desk setup.

That was it for May! I hope you all enjoy these random picks and I hope to keep bringing you all an awesome diversity of stuff each and every month. Do also keep your eyes out for another new month end post that details the random anime we picked up for the spoken for month.


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2 thoughts on “OGZ’s Monthly Goodie Round Up: May 2017

  1. Persona 5 Premium box was huge! I still haven’t found a good place for it.


    1. I know! It is so beautifulyl massive ❤ It needs the best seat in the house frankly.

      Liked by 1 person

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