OGZ Up and Coming: Conventions!

Hey everyone, Kausus here and I wanted to give you all a heads up on a few plans for OGZ. First we are working on how to get that Ota Dakimakura our for sale in the easiest way possible. The less hassle you all can have, then I know I’ll have done something right. That is in the works which will hopefully turn up soon.

As far as conventions go I can officially announce two new convention additions to our roster. First up to bat, OGZ is officially going to Anime NebrasKon 2017 and I am thrilled for this to be our second convention trip of the year for a big convention. The convention is one that I know nothing about and was simply invited to by a local cosplayer. Should totally be fun and I hope that I can get some swanky blog shots.


The second mentioned convention is actually a local expo called, “Gaming Arts Media Expo” and they are giving a panel slot to the amazing local cosplay group Springfield Cosplay. It will hopefully be a fun time filled with games and more cosplay hopefully. I may be running with the group to help promote cosplay and jazz.

That is pretty much it for big and upcoming events. I have been waiting for stuff to sort of fall together and jazz. IKEA trips might be a thing as I totally want to go back again and actually grab more stuff. Also be sure to check out our YouTube channel. I have been working hard to make better video content and I hope to make vlog’s a thing.


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1 thought on “OGZ Up and Coming: Conventions!

  1. Have fun in Nebracka, ha ha!

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