Mac From a Windows User Perspective

So you open up your familiar system of choice, ours happens to be Windows, and you think to yourself, “Man I love this system. It works and does what i need it to do…. Right?” As humans, we are unquenchable creatures of curiosity and want. We want to hate another product and yet we want to sample that forbidden fruit, that delicacy that knows no bounds. Being a tech-head is a curse to a person and we will forever be pushed to try out new and unusual tech. Such was our case when looking for the perfect mobile workstation. It had to be light weight, it had to be quick and powerful and it could not be cheap.

Sure there are some good windows options, but I can be picky and frankly after having wasted two Windows laptops (One lost wifi connecting after Windows 8.1 and the other hard bricked after 6 years of faithful service) I decided that I needed the quality. Apple has always been a brand name that I often joked at in passing towards their line of computers and tablets; love their phone to pieces. Now this shouldn’t be a surprise but I opted to grab a MacBook for our on the go workstation. It was a carefully decided maneuver and one that I feel is rocking merit. Now Apple is known for making products that may or may not merit the high price tags that are often associated with their products. Hell, the biggest argument that I hear from Windows users is that they can build a much more powerful beast of a machine for that same price. I would say, they are wholesomely correct.

You can pack way much more performance and speed into a PC for the price that this MacBook Pro of mine costs. Grab that GTX 1080 Ti, grab that RGB motherboard and grab that freaking RGB high density RAM, man! Okay, RGB joking aside, it is true that you can grab quality parts. What is not often spoken though is how optimized it all is with programs. Something that I have seen firsthand is how optimized the software is with the hardware that is packaged with our Mac and within the Apple App Store. It does honestly wow me to a degree of insanity. Now yes, my PC behemoth can out perform this Mac any time of day when it comes to data export and gaming, but it cannot hold a stick to the optimized software, such as iMovie. Each of my systems has a strength and a weakness. Damn this hyper threading i5 in all the MacBooks.

Now I am not going to turn this into a bashing or a jumping ship sort of post. I am not getting rid of my PC nor do I plan to run all Apple colors; granted it looks that way due to iPhone and MacBook Pro. What I love in life is diversity and having two different systems working in tandem is something that I frankly enjoy. I love being able to appreciate both mediums for what they are, not for what they are not. The goal of our MacBook Pro is to be my PC on the go, to be able to reach places where I cannot drag a desktop and monitor to. Plus to be fully honest I have been deathly curious about what owning a Mac computer would be like. It surely has been something of a trip for the past few days and yet I still feel like this choice was the right step forward. Sure, I may have been able to finance a more powerful device but I frankly am content with what I have for on the go work.

The load work that I have for this computer is nothing that it hasn’t been able to handle and the last few videos have all been edited directly from this system; as have the recent articles. I am wanting to push this system to its limit and only then will I fully understand its limitations. If I could take an aged Dell XPS from 2010 and make it last for several years, then I think I can squeeze even more out of this system. I look forward to seeing what new horizons lay ahead and for maximum portability/workability.


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