Summer days, they drift us away into beach adventures, great outdoor excursions and… okay, maybe not all of that. At least we can be honest and say we would very much be locked into an AC cooled room that has great wifi and bomb anime to enjoy. So let us guide you into a few titles that might just be worth your precious summer time. Note that all of the mentioned titles can be viewed either through home media release or Crunchyroll.


Sakura Quest is an anime that will delight and satisfy. There is little that I feel that I can say about this anime that I have not already said in a prior post. This anime is a perfect match for a summer sit and binge as it brings the comfort of country charm straight into your home. This anime has been a title that has long been on our scope for many moons now and it should rightfully be in your queue. This delightful 25 episode anime follows the story of an inspiring model who wants to make it big in Tokyo while escaping from her country roots, only to find herself back in a country town.This time as a queen no less and must bring greatness back to the small and forgotten town!


Toradora will start that summer romance and turn it up a notch! I am a glutton for punishment and frankly this anime is my punishment. A summer is not complete without some adorable romance and some feeling to go with it. The story of this anime follows a tried and true thunder meets misunderstood fellow and from out of this meeting a love blossoms. It is an anime that left myself in an utter wreck of a mess and I don’t think round four will be any different.


Kiznaiver will pull you along for a ride full of bonds and mystery. A Studio TRIGGER anime that I was and forever will be in love with; irregardless of it only being a 12 episode run. It really doesn’t bother me one bit… Okay, maybe it does a little bit. That aside this is such a strong title. I cannot stress this enough and how it explores bonds is frankly beautiful and deep. We all look to establish a connection with someone or many someones. No matter how frail that connection could be, it is worthwhile in the long run and wider scope of self-realization and acceptance. Knowing what one feels, what one thinks can lead to a much better appreciation for that person as a whole. Kiznaiver is that anime and you should give it a watch.


BONUS: The Wind Rises will take your breath and leave you feeling inspired to try your best. Having only just recently picked this one up, I can say that this is one of my favorite Hayao Miyazaki right behind my biased pick, Spirited Away. This is a fictionalized telling of the the real man who would go on to make the famously infamous Japanese Zero. This one can usually be picked up for around 15USD-19.99USD on Blu-Ray.


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    • Yeah, it is an anime that I finished mostly in the summer last year so it holds a special summer meaning for me.

      The Wind Rises is truly something special and definitely not the last Miyazaki piece.


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