Our Impressions of The Apple Macbook Pro 13″ 2016 Model

With wanting to diversify our exposure to different conventions, I needed a device that would function as my on the go workstation. Granted it would also pull double duty while around my office space as the video edit machine, but the big part was that I needed reliability and optimization.

So steps in the MacBook Pro 13” 2016 Edition (Minus the touch bar). This small and dangerously sleek machine has us impressed and wowed. While on the specifications side, our at home workstation utterly decimates this MacBook for performance, where it shines brightest is on how optimized it is to use its given materials. Apple was always that brand I associated with individuals who sat in cramped and isolated cafes hoping to become the next big author or photographer. I grew up in a family that only enjoyed Apple for their iPhones but had little to say about their computers. So I naturally gravitated towards the curious side of the fence. Now I am not here to preach Apple for the soul reasons of showing how over the moon I am, I wanted to talk about a machine that is perfect for some on the go, mobile work.

Now there are going to be a mob of you who will present me with several cost effect Windows options. Great, but what I find to be lacking in those windows machines is what is already lacking from windows. Good software that is optimized for the machine its made for. Sure Adobe Premier Pro is a phenomenal choice for video editing and a ton of YouTubers make it known that it is a program of choice. At 19.99USD a month though, it feels like a bit too much for something I only use for pushing 1080p videos. But wait, what about Windows Movie Maker? That is a wonderfully amazing option for light video work. You would be right in that regard, except for the issue of optimization and support as Microsoft has already made it clear they have dropped support and have ceased in pursuing a successor program for the machine; wow.


Sure an Apple product is priced higher than what the tech inside is worth, I am sure build cost and name comes into play here. But the fundamental take away from this impression is that I am phenomenally shocked and enthralled by how smooth running this system is and how utterly beautiful the typing experience is and the Retina display. While it has only been just one day with this system, I look forward to seeing how well this machine holds up to our video edits, photo edits and general consumption demands.

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6 thoughts on “Our Impressions of The Apple Macbook Pro 13″ 2016 Model

  1. Valentino Senpai May 13, 2017 — 10:22 am

    A Macbook is perfect is perfect for video editing and the fact that they last for as long as they do really shows that Apple knows what they’re doing when it comes to operating systems and optimizations. Btw this was a great post and it actually is making me think about getting one

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    1. Totally. I would highly recommend doing the special finance option if you cannot afford to just pay cash up front.

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      1. Valentino Senpai May 13, 2017 — 1:41 pm

        I’ll probably wait until 2018 to see if I can get their student discount on it

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      2. Totally, by then hopefully the tech is improved, as it will obviously be.

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  2. I’d love to see another post detailing your prolonged experiences with the macbook after a month or so and possibly a list of features you miss or don’t miss when compared to windows.

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    1. You must have read my mind, because that is exactly what I am working on at the current moment.


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