OGZ Attends: Springfield Cosplay Spring Gathering

It is the little things that make the biggest impacts and frankly that is what happened this past sunny Saturday at the Springfield Botanical Garden. I was invited by a good friend to attend the spring gathering event and boy was it packed and fun; just maybe too much sun. The event was a chance for local cosplayers and photographers to meet, greet and shoot. While there was a fair amount of shooting going on, the event was just a nice get together sort of event that promoted chatting and getting out of the comfort zone.

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Cosplayers young and old came out in force with older generations sticking to DC, Marvel and current T.V. Show outfits, the the young and young adults donning the anime and gaming related outfits. I got to meet up with cosplayers from this past Naka-Kon 2017 and I got to meet some new faces that share our undying affinity for all things Persona related. The president of the group, Sasha, had a very good handle on the event, making sure that everything was running along as timed and that everyone had a chance to get their pictures taken, if they wanted to. They even held a small giveaway in-which one lucky attendee got a bag of cosplay prep goodies and two weekend passes to the local convention, G.A.M.E! The biggest giveaway was the union of everything we love about events like these, anime, cosplay and friends. We may have differing opinions on the best JoJo character or ideas on what makes a cosplay good, but we all can agree on one thing at the end of a beautiful day: We love anime through and through.

While the event was a short and sweet ordeal it reminded us as to why we enjoy doing what we do. You get to meet and interact with such positive and inspired individuals who love nothing more than to cosplay their passions and to share that with the larger community; heck even a local station came in to do some light filming. While there is not going to be a meet up anytime soon, we can look forward to the group being present at some upcoming local conventions that will definitely make a splash for the group and the further promotion of cosplay and all things anime.  As of right now the next event that I know SGF Cosplay will be at is the upcoming October convention called G.A.M.E.

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1 thought on “OGZ Attends: Springfield Cosplay Spring Gathering

  1. Got to love that group dab. In the slideshow, I see Riku and Neku!

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