The Winter Anime We Finished

With the Winter anime season finally winding down (Like a few months back because I was late on finishing some of these) I figured now would be an excellent time to look back on what titles we kept up with. Each title listed is superb and enjoyable; even if it is oozing out the sides with shameless service and over the top comedy.


Gabriel Dropout: Angels and demons go to human high school and up trading places. This anime was a funny, if not cringe worthy title to roll out from the hot wastes of winter. The anime was an instant grab for us at the beginning and decides to take an approach of flash and flair while keeping things funny and fresh along the way. Granted it took us a while to finish this title due to time constraints but in the end it was well worth its weight in humorous gold and gifs. Satania-Chan is precious and must be protected.


Interviews With Monster Girls: Argubly our ABSOLUTE favorite of the winter shows Interviews With Monster Girls trades fan-service for substance and tackles some surprisingly deep social issues with it’s 12 episode run. The show follows four unique demi-humans as they attempt to integrate normally into a high school environment with a teacher that wishes to better understand them. While the show does throw in some light service here and there, it is nothing when compared to another infamous monster girl anime… A-1 pictures really knocked this one out of the park and easily won our vote for the winter slot.


Konosuba Season 2: The anime that was the first to end but no the first to wow us, Konosuba Season 2 was everything I wanted from a second season and more. This time around we got to finally see what unfolded after the ending of season one which left us on a cliffhanger as to whether or not Kazuma was actually working with the Demon King this whole time! (Spoiler: He’s not. He’s just too busy stealing panties to care) The crew however returns in form and we get to see more into the pasts of Megumin and Darkness. These two have been begging for more attention and it was good to see that they got just that; even if they had to show a bit of flesh to get there. We even got a chance to see just how bat-crazy Aqua’s followers really are.


Masamune-Kun’s Revenge: While reeling from our Nisekoi binge, Masamune-Kun’s Revenge was a dish best served warm. It had heart, merit and laughs and yet fell flat at some portions of the anime’s run. While we have nothing against the slice of life/romance genre; it does tend to spin its wheels on already tried and tested points.

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2 thoughts on “The Winter Anime We Finished

  1. Yay Gabriel Dropout! It was one of my favorites as well. I am glad you enjoyed it because it got some negative or mediocre reviews from some fans.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. It had its downs, but it was far from mediocre.


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