Ota is getting an official Dakimakura!

It’s official, Ota will be coming to a cozy pillow case near you! This is something that I have personally wanted to do and this is the perfect excuse for us to actually get a body pillow and not feel too awkward about it. This is going to be something that we won’t have official store support for, simply because it will be something that we have to order ourselves and then push out individually where we can. The art is of course done by our wonderful freelance artists, milkgrrl, who puts tireless hours into her art and pours her love into Ota. It is wonderful to be able to work with an artist like milkgrrl and know that they feel just passionate as much about your OC; it makes the working environment much more rewarding and fun!

Now comes the big question, how much will we sell them for? Well that depends on a lot of stuff, such as how effectively we can source them and how easy it can be to actually get it out and to our fans. The short answer is as of this writing we don’t know. We are having a rough time actually finding a site that sells them for a good price and one that has a reliable reputation at that. We also want to avoid going too cheap and giving you a material that is just utter crap; no one wants a crap dakimakura, period. When we are able to secure a vendor we will have a small pre-order window planned for our first batch of Ota dakimakura’s. This won’t be something that sells all the time, so please bear that in mind. We aren’t trying to, put blunty, whore out our mascot. We enjoy the culture around the anime community and dakimakura’s nestle nicely into the section of anime culture.

We know many of you voted for it, so we hope you enjoy this look at the the art mock-up for the dakimakura! We will try our best to get a limited run made for our wonderful artist and our self! That way we can have two first prints out in the wild. If you of course would just love to get your hands on one, please feel free to let us know down in the comment section!

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