Eromanga Sensei: Oreimo 2.0 or Worse?!

For those of you who enjoyed the sister loving antics of Oreimo, well we have another anime for you. No this isn’t some brother and sister tension flick, it’s brother and step sister tension flick; No blood relation at all! Just ignore the random friend named Megumin who teases Sagiri’s step brother Masamune about girls her age enjoying the one eyed snake… yeah, this anime is a little bit of everything and yet A-1 Studio is rocking a solid animation style and a cute character roster that makes one’s head turn.

The anime itself centers around Masamune’s work as a light novel artist, for which he uses the funds to pay for his livelihood and his step sisters thanks to a father who is never home and the loss of their mother. His step sister Sagiri (unbeknownst to him) is an artist going by the pen name of Eromanga Sensei who draws his illustrations and covers for his light novels. By stupid luck and the powers that be Masamune is able to figure this out and thus begins an odd form of work relationship where he must awkwardly talk about character designs with his beloved step sister, whom he hardly ever sees since she has decided to become a total shut in. To be frank it feels off putting to us to see more… family romance as it is not an interest of ours whatsoever, but the anime has a charm to it and we frankly enjoyed Oreimo; even with how awkward it was.

While the show hasn’t pushed some sort of odd romance between the two (yet) it still leaves that odd feeling in the back of ones mind, especially when her school ‘friend’ shows up and starts messing with Masamune and mentioning that girls her age crave the almighty D; not awkward at all.  However the art just screams quality and the moments where Sagiri is just being adorable makes us confused as to why go with the odd and tried topic that is family romance. I understand it is a subject of interest in Japan but, at the very least the anime is quality in all regard. The animations are strong, vivid and juicy, while the voice acting is superbly beautiful and unlike anything I have seen from A-1 Studiosave maybe their previous title of Interviews With Monster Girls; which was also quality to a T. Even Claris is on board with the opening title and it just sounds incredibly amazing and well orchestrated that I can hardly contain my love for it.

If you feel up for a possible ride of love and odd-vibes then feel free to pick this title up over on Crunchyroll. If you have seen the first two episodes, what do you think of the show thus far? I personally love how adorable the art style works for this anime.

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