Anime That Remind Us It’s Almost Summer!

The beaches are getting packed and the swimsuits are stocking our shelves at local clothing stores or supermarkets of choice. That leaves only us vampires who fear the scorching tough of the sun’s embrace without much in the way of activities. We could play the latest summer releases or we could just watch anime… I think we will watch anime! Here are just some of our favorite anime to enjoy in the summer, as well as a one new one to enjoy this spring season as well.


Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions (Heart throb too!): Face it, our list is going to consist of this regardless of the seasonal weather and temperature. Chunibyo is an anime that melts our hearts and flares the fire of romance and wraps it all in a warm blanket that we never want to leave. It is hard to not love this two part series for what it is: A beautiful piece of art and storytelling that has emotion as well as laughs. This anime is the embodiment of all our wishes and desires in life; utterly gorgeous.


Nisekoi: Another anime for the passionate among you and one that had a well known Shonen Jump run (Also a favorite of the popular Bleach YouTuber Jaymes Hanson) and remains a steady favorite on our digital shelf. The story is touching and while not as deep or emotionally engaging as say Chunibyo, Nisekoi manages to find footing in a situation where love doesn’t go both ways, but rather goes multiple ways. Take it how you will, but this is a harem style anime and that may not sit well with most, we frankly loved every bit of it.


Non Non Biyori: A sweet little slice of life in the country that filled our minds and hearts with childlike ambition and adventure. The flow of Non Non Biyori follows that of several girls who live in the countryside of Japan and just are trying to find ways to not die of boredom; Frankly we often equate this anime to be the country version of the superb anime Nichijou. Slice of life to the core and frankly it rocks our socks and many of you can vouch for the humorous nature of this delight of an anime.


Eromanga Sensei: A new comer to the I love my step-sister anime scene, Eromanga-Sensei is a colorfully cute, beautiful and delight to enjoy. The premise follows a similar story to Oreimo, but feels more stable and well, quality. Shots fired. Rather than a closet otaku, the sister is a lewd artist that just happens to be the artist for the covers of her step-brothers light novel series; whoopsie. While only two episodes into the season, we look forward to more cuteness and more awkward moments of tension between the two characters.

Let us know if an anime you like made it on our list and what other anime you would recommend down in the comment section below!

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2 thoughts on “Anime That Remind Us It’s Almost Summer!

  1. While I’ve only seen Chunibyo, I can agree that it’s got the summer energy for the job. Summer anime to me, hmm, Gurren Lagann, Love Live!, Fullmetal Alchemist, From the New World, and A Lull in the Sea to name a few. Psyched for summer!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I still need to watch A Lull in the Sea.


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