All Hail The Queen

Sakura Quest is the latest anime by the wonderful talented studio, PA Works and it has been one that we have been waiting patiently for since the ending to Shirobako. No the two titles have nothing in terms of relation to one another, but they share a commonality: Strong female leads dealing with each day as they come. Sakura Quest’s female lead Yoshino Koharu tackles this in stride as a young and upcoming model whose aspiration is to relive a childhood dream of becoming a queen; little does she know that dreams are sometimes quite real.

Image from Sakura Quest Episode 1

Her arrival to the sleepy rural town of Manoyama represents a change in pace, one she wished to escape from by moving to Tokyo from her birth town in the sticks. Yet fate has a strange way of bringing us back to areas from which we grew up in. Yoshino Koharu learns this the hard way after feeling tricked by her agency and being left with no choice but to stay and fulfill her obligation to be the town’s queen of tourism to bring back long lost visitors. The anime starts us off on the right footing for an anime that will surely be a gem for PA Works into the future length of its run. The biggest question on my mind is if we get to see only 12 episodes or 24 episodes. In either regard I would be sufficiently happy, but I fear we are losing production interest in shows longer than 12 episodes (A discussion for an upcoming post to be sure)

What I can see from this anime are characters that we are able to fall for, to learn from and to relate back to. That is what made the characters of Shirobako so memorable and loved as they could be easily related to and had a life all their own; It was truly magnificent. While we are looking forward to what future episodes bring us, I have to say I am fully loving having a grand and quality anime back in my life again. You can enjoy the love that is Sakura Quest over at Crunchyroll!

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