WordPress.com Users Rejoice: Google Docs Integration is Here!

If you are like us and stopped using Microsoft Office back in 2012, then chances are you may be using the Free Google Docs platform. Well, today we just learned that both WordPress.com and Google Docs have an integrated support for one another! This means you can write on Google Docs and then save them straight to your blog/site of choice as a draft in order to add your finishing touches to it.

Sure some of you may use the built word processor that is provided through WordPress.com, but save yourself some hassle and really consider using the Google Docs service. It is free and it syncs across multiple devices, so long as you are logged into the same account you used on your PC and or Mac. It is handy to have on the go, considering most of us will have a smartphone and or tablet handy in our day to day lives. Being able to pull a doc up on your phone while at work is handy and practical to help keep you on track and focused.

So rejoice and download the plug-in for it on your Google Chrome or Chromium browser today!

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5 thoughts on “WordPress.com Users Rejoice: Google Docs Integration is Here!

  1. This is some pretty exciting news. I use Google Docs all the time, and having the ability to prepare drafts in it will be really handy. Thanks for the heads up, Kausus!

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  2. This is awesome. I don’t use it much because I installed the docs years ago by buying it but I wish they did this sooner. Oh well, this is good news. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Do you mean docs or Microsoft office? Cause office costs, docs doesn’t.

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      1. Oops. My bad. I got Microsoft Office.

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