Attack on Titan Season 2 Reminds Me Why I Love It

Swinging into our rooms through the power of the internet are the brave men and women of the Survey Corps from the immensely successful anime and manga series, Attack on Titan. I talked briefly how much AoT lent a hand in helping give anime a much larger presence in the casual viewer market for a current running anime. Sure DBZ, One Piece and Naruto have had major strides in pulling in outside viewership from the usual anime enthusiast audience, but AoT brings with it a stride of interest and awesome fan engagement. The show is epic and thrilling, but the story suffers from a spiral effect that we will se develop from the new season adaptation from the manga.


We won’t spoil anything, but just be warned the reasons behind titans are ‘meh’  at best for us. The anime comes in swinging, picking right up from where we last left off in the anime as several of the survey scout cadets stay stationed in a far off outpost settlement to ensure none of them where the titans that have been causing the last bastion of humanity some grief. Then as per tradition, all hell breaks loose and we get to enjoy some Titan action without the needless interference from the original crew of misfits that we have come to love. This anime shows with the first episode that it is capable of still being quite enjoyable, without the need for leading actors to be present to enthrall and thrill.

That is what drew us to the first season, the sweeping shots of humans fighting against the lumbering and down right terrifying titans. Much to our bane, the music is superb and has some of the more epic sounding melodies that uplift, inspire or send dread straight into our hearts. Season 2 promptly reminds us why we fell in love with the first season all over again. The hopes for the continued streak is high, oh so high.


With the introduction of the hair covered titan who can speak, we begin to question the origin of the attacking titans and why they are doing what they are doing. Needless to say we also question why the church of the walls has kept the secret about the titan(s) in the walls a secret this whole time. Where they created by the titans? Good and bad ones? While we have read far into the manga and know what is up, the anime does a good job at keeping every under-wraps; even allowing for some playful questioning from fans. We hope that the anime continues to build upon the feverish success of the first season and beyond. You can enjoy Attack on Titan Season 2 over at Crunchyroll!

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