Anime Beginners: Mainstream or Niche?

So in spiritual continuation for our post on gateway anime, we often come to a pass in our anime viewer careers, where we have to make a choice… Do we follow the tried and true mainstream titles or do we set out on uncharted waters with more niche focused anime? The path can vary from person to person and for the season of anime that we are in; often times you are left with a niche choice or a few mainstream options. Now there is no right or wrong in your choice, no matter how much someone else might say. The choice to watch what you want is what needs to be taken into account first.

When looking to the mainstream titles, you will find safety in numbers and can often find associated posts, purchasable items and the likes readily available; chances are it will stream to a service you already own. Titles like Attack on Titan are amazingly successful due to an already popular manga reader base and the fact that the first season was very well received by a general population. It makes getting on-board with them easier than a niche title. That being said mainstream anime tend to feel a bit drawn out and lack luster at times, some even run for a long, long time.


Now Niche titles are not well known on the other hand. Titles like Kyousougiga are perfect examples of visually beautiful anime that are quirky and odd, yet are overshadowed or not understood by a larger community. That doesn’t mean there won’t be expressed interest in it, just that it won’t be as accessible or popular; most smaller titles are harder to find than the larger ones, more mainstream titles. The biggest gamble on takes with niche titles is whether or not they are flops, watch or gems. It is a gamble that is not so attractive to a larger audience base and tends to only attract the really adventurous.

Don’t let the oddities of Niche titles nor the over hyped/popularized mainstream titles scare you off. Each type has its perks and the best part is no matter what type you tend to go with, you usually hit gold every time. Mainstreams are popular for the right reason (most of the time) and niche titles are hidden gems that deserve to be shared more and more. The choice is yours in the path you walk, so let us know how you feel when it comes to the two popular sections of anime down in the comment section below!

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4 thoughts on “Anime Beginners: Mainstream or Niche?

  1. Kyousougiga is a mess of a show (it just looks nice).
    Are we talking about mainstream to a anime fan or main stream global?
    O_O The anime main stream can be weird at times!

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    1. It’s however you want to take it. I personally look at mainstream titles as the one that attracts fans who may have not been as invested into anime as I am.


      1. So are we talking about shows like: haruhi, azumanga daioh and umaru chan or are we talking about dragon ball z, sailor moon and death note?

        O-o different tiers.
        or are we going onto tier 3 (hope we don’t go tier 4).

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      2. When it comes to anime one has to be willing to look if they want to find. You could be the person who goes to a DVD rack or many a person who streams.

        But if I had to guess your talking about death note and dararara (skim the skin shows).
        kyousougiga doesn’t seem like a good example if you only want pull people into tier 1.
        I know people in tier 2 that have not seen kyousougiga (it bobs into 3).

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