Atlus Slamming Streamers/LP’s With COPYRIGHT STIKES?!

No this is not a click-bait article and yes that last part is in all caps. The sad truth of this posting is the fact that while streamers and LP’s of the much loved, Persona 5 are allowed, they are held back by lofty restrictions such as not showing footage past the in-game date of 7/7; furthermore, if you pass that date and stream, expect a copyright strike or two.

While we understand that Atlus is wishing to protect individuals from spoiler based material and to help sales of their title, it makes no sense in alienating a large portion of players and individuals who have NEVER played a JRPG or Persona game before. Sure, the worry that they won’t buy the game and will just simply settle with watching someone else play game is a warranted concern. What isn’t warranted is attacking your fan-base with copyright claims for trying to spread positive interest in a much loved title. It’s like saying, “Hey glad you got our game, but if you show your friend I am having you arrested for murderous intent.” It honestly frustrates me to no end.


We were so thrilled to own a current Persona title and to be able to stream our experience with you all; that was until I read Atlus’s official post on the matter. I would be a liar in not expressing my frustration and anger with a decision like that. Sure, I can still stream up until 7/7 and show the boss fight for the first palace, but beyond that What’s the point? You pretty much cannot show much of anything else for fear of backlash from a company we all adore. It simply doesn’t make practical sense; yes it makes logical sense in preserving a spoiler free environment for everyone and helps boost game sales due to lack of proper, informative content.

I am hopeful that there will be some sort of positive change in this stance further away from the games release date. It is frankly hard to a bit disenchanted by a studio I adored for making quality games. Sure it is a small issue and not many individuals stream, but it still feels like a bit of a slap to the face. Nevertheless, we will be posting a review of the game as soon as we progress far enough into the main story and I will have nothing but positive impressions to share with you all.

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6 thoughts on “Atlus Slamming Streamers/LP’s With COPYRIGHT STIKES?!

  1. I honestly feel as though streamers and LPers help with sales numbers because it’s practically free advertisement.

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    1. That is the general argument in the community as of this writing. Many studios, such as Indie developrs, use Streaming/LP as a form of free advertisement and exposure. It is a powerful tool that can either crush or drive sales. Sure the Persona name is one that will sell pretty well since they are such well made games, but needlessly going after individuals who want to freely promote? I feel sick just thinking about it, which is something I never though I would say in regards towards a studio I adore.

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      1. It’s not surprising to be honest. Devs are worried about sales too much and don’t realize that most people who watch walkthroughs more than likely won’t buy the game regardless or that peoole watch them more so for the content creator and already own the game.

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      2. Exactly. All I can do is hope they change their mind.

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      3. If it winds up hurting the company’s image they will.

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  2. Wow, that’s basically the kind of decision that would make me avoid purchasing gamed from the company on principle alone. Ridiculous!

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