What Music Means To Me

Music for myself has always been about an emotional layer, an engaging depth to games and shows that I absolutely adore. What I lack for in my own musical talent, I make up for with appreciation and recognizance for it. For in our early days, it was an escape from outside forces. Later it was for the emotional impression that brought a tear to our eyes or fired up our souls. Music is as diverse as we are and it is played out as such; no two songs will ever sound the same or carry the same meaning.

That is what makes writing about music fun and different. While the theme may be the same i.e. inducing heart ache or adrenaline pumping moments, the music carries its own tempo, it’s own identifier that drastically sets it apart from the rest. We know what sort of themes to expect when looking at Darth Vader from the Star Wars Series; it is dark and ominous and carries a hefty sense of power. Taking a look at something from Toradora we get happiness, but we also struggle to pick up the pieces during the intensely orchestrated, heart break scenes throughout the anime.


Music allows us a door into something more than language ever could. It is the one item that is universal in all known language and can instill happiness, fear or confusion without even uttering a single word. That sort of power is awe-inspiring and is frankly a reason why we are attracted to music as a form of in-depth expression. There really just is nothing else like it, aside from awesome anime and awesome games; that’s an entire topic for another time frankly. Though it isn’t always about the depth, it can also be very much about the simplicity that are the notes themselves. Such simple notes can weave an experience that is intergalactic and beyond; although the learning to play said notes can take years of study and practice to fully achieve perfection. Back to the simple nature, it is easy to listen to, just plug in a speaker or headset and you are off and ready to go. It is literally a very simple, plug and go system and it costs very little to get access to music.


Music to me is a door into a world that is expressive and encompassing. It can wow me, it can sadden me and it does it with grace and flair. It takes on a life all it’s own and brings forth a world of color and diversity. What does music mean to you? Does it fill your head with rocking tunes or is a journey through time and space? Feel free to let us know down in the comment section below.

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3 thoughts on “What Music Means To Me

  1. Personally music doesn’t have a single meaning to me. I mostly listen to music that can get me pumped up and in the zone. Other times I’ll listen to songs that I can kick back and relax to or songs that might get me thinking. Since I mostly listen to rap I can even say that music for me is a way to listen to another person’s story and background.

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  2. Beautiful post, Kausus. Music is very important to me. There are many times that I’ll suddenly cry whenever I hear music that touches me. Or get goosebumps. Those end up becoming my favourites. They relax me, and pull me into a meditative state. They also bring me back in time through memories. And music also helps a lot in motivating me not to stop and give up during workouts which I often associate with painful torture. I forget the screams and protests of my body whenever I focus on the music during workouts instead.

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    1. Exactly! Music just has a way of interacting with us all in a unique way that other mediums don’t.

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