Gateway Anime: What The Hell Are They?!

Maybe you have heard of the term, ‘Gateway’  and maybe you have not. Chances are you have heard it used when describing someones foray into drugs or alcohol; pretty much every bad thing has that phrasing tied to it. Now lately we have seen it used to describe popular games or anime that one could watch to dip their feet into in order to better understand what the anime-craze is all about. So, what the hell are these, ‘Gateway‘ anime titles?

Well depending on who you ask they can vary. Often the common consensus falls to at least three popular titles (again depending on the person you ask): Dragonball Z, Naruto & One Piece. These three titles have had both ludicrous commercial success both at home in Japan and internationally. It is hard to escape the all seeing gaze of these three titles as they are often the poster child for what anime is. While I feel that these three are not the best titles to show case what anime is capable of expressing, they are a good start for anyone not wanting to wade through the ocean of titles.

One Piece is a proven entry level anime for most viewers.

Having a life raft in foreign waters is a godsend when trying to figure out how in the world one is to start in this culture of fandom. It is why we started our Anime Beginners series of posts as it is all about helping someone get off on the right foot. Sure the gateway titles will always differ from person to person, that is the beauty of it all. Anime is frankly a diverse melting pot of ideas and shows that all tend to lead back in one direction or another.

What were some of your ‘gateway’ anime? For us it was Cowboy Bebop, Chobits and Kiki’s Delivery Service that managed to get us hooked and drowned by the magical sea that is Japanese animation. We also know that Attack on Titan has proven massively popular with the general anime community and perspective audience.

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1 thought on “Gateway Anime: What The Hell Are They?!

  1. Ahahaha! I wouldn’t say that ONE PIECE is a good gateway anime. I would say that it’s one of the most intimidating of all since it’s so popular and mainstream that it’s highly recommended often, but the sheer number of episodes, not to mention that it’s still ongoing is enough to deter new anime watchers.

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