Anime Beginners: Figuring Out What’s For You!

It has been a while since I tackled this topic and frankly I felt that the time was right to tread into this territory once more. Today’s topic is, “Figuring Out What’s For You.” Putting it simply we are here to talk with you about finding that genre, that golden staple for your library that will forever be a jumping off point. Even the most seasoned anime enthusiast has one. For us that title will forever be Chobits as it is timeless and a representation for the genres Seinen or slice of life. Frankly finding out what you enjoy the most is what is rewarding when watching anime.

Frankly this is how we often times feel.

You could end up liking a whole other genre than you previously thought, that is very much why we encourage you give everything a go. Sure you may not like shameless yaoi or yuri, but what if you layered it with a story, slice of life and romance? Take the yuri, “Aoi Hana” as an example of yuri with no fan-service and excellent story/character development. I was elated when I found this gem and was chasing after titles like it more and more. It is digging to discover that ends up being so enjoyable, so rewarding when figuring out what works for you.

That being said accidental discovery is a very plausible situation. I frankly didn’t think I watched a ton of moe/slice of life shows until I stopped and took a look at my watch history. I loved it so much that I subconsciously ignored the genre and just went with it. It made me happy and it left me feeling content and full. I didn’t once feel the need to reassess what I was watching. This is because I love moe/slice of life and can continually enjoy it over and over again, because it just works for me. Now sure, finding your preferred genre might not be such an easy ordeal. We all have our requirements and varying levels of pickiness. We may not enjoy everything we watch and may only find comfort from a few select titles, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth trying to figure out what makes you happy.

So get out there and take a closer look at the titles you watch and figure out what genre consistently scratches that itch. You may be surprised to find out what genre types you enjoy more over ones you thought you enjoyed. It all is one giant learning experience, one that we all can benefit from in the long run.

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10 thoughts on “Anime Beginners: Figuring Out What’s For You!

  1. Great advice! I’ve been curious about Aoi Hana for a while now.

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    1. It’s a great yuri that actually has plot that cares about creating a natural romance.

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  2. Good point; self-reflection! It’s good to give different genres a chance.
    Obviously my jumping off point and go to is shoujo, but I also enjoy josei and dark, reflective titles interspersed with humor. Shonen is not my favorite genre, and anything where the girls are drawn looking (in my opinion) 12 years old is a big no. I didn’t think I’d necessarily like Black Butler when I watched it, but I LOVED IT (easily one of my favorite titles). Blue Exorcist on the other hand was not my cup of tea. Rurouni Kenshin didn’t hold my attention, but I tried Samurai X: Reflection and it made me weep! I thought Yuri on Ice would be boy love and I wouldn’t like it but I WAS SO WRONG (on both accounts).
    I guess the point is that I agree with you. Thanks for writing (^^)

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    1. Totally! I love trying to add new and unique perspectives; no matter how odd.

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  3. Great post. You should always just watch what you want and not what’s popular.

    Also, dat Kirino gif! xD I thought I was the only one who knew about Bamboo Blade.

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  4. Excellent post. It’s not always to find what you are interested in. I guess for me, I always enjoy some good Shonen. Lately, it has been tied between action-adventure or fantasy.

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  5. Thanks for your write-up. I would class myself as a relatively new anime fan and slice-of-life seems to be my favourite genre – largely because I have been to Japan and love seeing its scenes and landscapes beautiful captured in drawings. But so far I also love horror and many other genres – if the story, characters and script is good – anything goes!

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    1. Awesome to hear! Even as seasoned as I am, your tastes can develop more and you find you may enjoy certain genres more so than you thought previously, I.E for myself Shonen Jump based anime.

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  6. Indeed! Don’t be afraid to explore. There’s just so much to choose from. And our tastes change too, so what we might have liked years ago may not be true now. Good post, Kausus.

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