We are a TeePublic Affiliate!

So to expand upon that announcement we had  made earlier about our swanky upcoming announcement, we have officially become an affiliate with the t-shirt sale site TeePublic. If you love pop-culture and anime t-shirts then this website has you covered. In fact, if you use our provided links and posts you can help us out! A percentage of your purchases goes to helping out OGZ. All you have to do is find an item or shirt you like and buy it. It’s pretty simple!

While we do not have a design up as of yet, our store front features art from the local artistic community and beyond as they too earn profit from your purchases. I will be working with our artists, Milkgrrl to bring some awesome OGZ Ota-San merch in the form of T-Shirts in the hopeful future. Until then, I will leave you all with this. I am immensely honored and thrilled and hope that you all enjoy these shirts too!

Give our store front a visit by using this provided link!



7 thoughts on “We are a TeePublic Affiliate!

  1. If things work out on my end I’d totally love to sport the OGZ look in the future!

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  2. This looks really cool!

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    1. Thank you! I hope to also add some OGZ exclusive shirts soon.

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      1. That sounds neat. I bet it’s going to sell like hot cakes.

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      2. That’s a nice plan. Get ready to swim in a pool of money lol.

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