Let’s Talk Music: Persona’s Amazing Score

Persona 5 is almost here and to feed our hunger for our very first current Persona purchase we have the full album for the newest title, Persona 5. Ever since I purchased that PS2 classic. Persona 3 FES, (back when we had a PS3) I have been hooked by the game-play and the superb anime cut-scenes. What else had me hooked? The brilliant music. An oddity that stands-out among all others is the fact that all the sung songs in pretty much every Persona title is in English. While I won’t complain on that front, it is an oddity none-the-less.


With that oddity aside the score to the Persona games is out of this world. It’s jazzy, it’s funky and it has a beat like no other. It is an anime opening, mixed with great game scoring and great film scoring. The work that both Shoji Meguro & Lyn have done with this soundtrack is just stunningly beautiful and amazing.  While I have yet to pour through the 100+ songs, I have been able to give a listen to the wonderful tracks that were sung by Lyn and I am a fan of the new material! There is just a simple beauty to the slow beats, the fast beats and the flow of the music in general that stands to be unrivaled; unless it is up against other Persona soundtracks.

If you are looking to grab your very own copy, feel free to head on over to the fine site that is CDJapan. While this post is in no way a sponsored post, we very much love the website and how easy it is to purchase great soundtracks and more from this amazing site.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Music: Persona’s Amazing Score

  1. Persona 5 is gonna be a pretty lit game and if the music is like the music in the trailer then it’s gonna have a fire soundtrack.

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    1. Oh it is. I’m only half way through the soundtrack.

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      1. Guess my ears are gonna be happy then.

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