Devil’s Advocate: Death Note & Ghost In The Shell

Now before you grab those torches and pitch forks, NO this is not another lengthy post on the responsibility of Hollywood to cast actresses and actors in proper, racial roles. That horse has long been ridden, but what I am here today is to talk about one simple fact that many outlets have sadly overlooked. Having such large names in the anime world making a debut to a LARGE and GLOBAL audience is frankly amazing. These are titles that are considered oddities to the larger community as a whole and they frankly have only been enjoyed by individuals within the anime community. Now yes, Ghost In The Shell has had pretty groovy success when being shared with curious individuals, but never by a larger audience.

Faith to a source is what makes or breaks many adaptations; it can also inspire interest

The simple fact of the matter is that us anime fans finally have not one, but two titles to share with a global audience. Now will they understand and appreciate it? Will we just get more sideways glances from the ordeal? Quite possibly, but it is frankly worth having more exposure for anime as whole. No we are not ignoring the racial issues that the castings have caused, that is frankly an issue of Hollywood being a massive entity that frankly makes its own decisions in terms of story adaptation and alteration towards its targeted markets. But the simple fact that us anime enthusiasts are getting title recognition is fantastic for opening up anime to a larger audience. This is potentially a pathway that can take many more curious individuals down the path to the source material; from which they can have a better appreciation for it.


While I am no economist in the anime market nor a credited social analytics expert, I do know that impressions can often lead to further curiosity and discovery. If we are inclined to enjoy one thing, we may enjoy another and so on. It is a journey that will end up opening many more routes that the viewer can take. It is thrilling time to be an anime fan and I for one am looking hopeful to welcoming many more potential fans to our wonderful anime land.

As this is an opinion piece, please take it as such. I strongly support faith to the source material (looking at you lousy Eragon movie adaption) and while what’s done is done, I do hope that future directors of other adaptations take this into heavy consideration. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below as always. Just keep the discussion friendly!

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1 thought on “Devil’s Advocate: Death Note & Ghost In The Shell

  1. My column on TheOASG this week is going to be on the whitewashing debate. It’s definitely a complicated issue. But I hope fans of both works will get a good final product.

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