The Senran Kagura Estival Versus PC Review!

What joy one has when a fantastic PS4 and PS Vita game finally gets a PC release is tantamount only to a feverish celebratory screech. We were given an generous review copy to sink our teeth into and found it the perfect opportunity to revisit a game that we didn’t feel strongly about on the PS4. So what do we feel about it now?

We love it. The game itself is not changed, aside from the added keyboard and mouse functionality. It is still as solid, bouncy and delightful to handle as ever. Having not ever experience one single bug in the PS4 release, I can faithfully say that on our end, we did not experience one single crash or bug during our time playing the PC version. This is frankly such an amazing and strong aspect about this title. It is solid and it is sound, which is frankly something that many gamers ask of larger AAA title companies. Marvelous has seemingly helped to bring out a game that shines like no other.

For those of you wondering what this game is about, well allow me to tell you. Think Dynasty Warriors meets Dead or Alive Girls, meets anime girls and BAM, you got instant fun. The game revolves around several girls schools as they find themselves whisked away to a summer island where they must compete and fight to win ultimate glory; also to lose a ton of clothing along the way. The game has a unique mechanic where as you take damage, so does your clothing. It’s a scandalous way to make you vulnerable to aggressive attacks; one that has gone over pretty well.  The less clothing you have the more damage you take. There is even an option to just rip it all off and increase your attack power at the cost of making you as fragile as a china vase. On the other hand you can unlock a Shinobi transformation (reminds us of the Kamui transformations from Kill la Killthat allows you to hit harder and take just as hard of hits back; it’s a win win scenario!

Speaking of clothing, the games does a phenomenal job with allowing, you the player, to choose what sort of outfit your characters will wear. This adds a VERY nice layer of personalize design and enjoyment for the gaming experience. Here is an included launch trailer for your viewing pleasure.

Now if scantly clad ladies aren’t your style, you can turn off the clothing destruction mechanic for a more safe for life sort of play. Outside of sensual teasing this game has one solid grasp on mechanics. The game just plays like it is a finely tuned beast of a ride. The combat and combo mechanics are some of my favorite in the genre and I giddily love being able to grab and go with this sort of game. The missions have the right amount of flavoring when it comes to text, location and interaction. The enemies of the game range from low level ninja girls to death machine ninja girls; frankly there are a ton of ninja girls on this island.While the goons of the island tend to become predictable, the girls from the various schools do not. Sure they will use the same move sets and are often times push overs, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it is an easy ride.

We often found ourselves regretting certain choice moves part way through and would end up back at the drawing board, hoping to not have our selves caught exposed. The challenges section of the game is also quite rewarding, while giving you better backstory on all the girls, the challenges unlock new outfits and more dastardly fun! It’s like a coin machine that just keeps churning out your favorite prizes over and over; pure bliss right there. Is this all enough to keep one hooked for hours upon hours? It honestly depends on you.

Do you like button mashers and crowd based combat with voluptuous ladies? If you honestly get a kick out of any Warriors stylized game then you will very much find yourself at home with this title; especially those who are rabid anime enthusiasts such as ourselves. The only thing you may ever run into is not knowing whether or not to play with your door open or closed. Play long and play hard ladies and gentlemen as we will find another reason to enjoy this game all over again and again. Check out steam for the full scoop on requirements and purchasing options! Click me for steam!

SKEstivalVersus 2017-02-22 16-46-05-94

OGZ Gives Senran Kagura Estival Versus (PC): 8/10

+Solid Mechanics and gameplay                                               -Repetitive enemy types

+Anime style pleasing to the eyes

+Shameless fan-service






3 thoughts on “The Senran Kagura Estival Versus PC Review!

  1. First time hearing about this manga. Sounds intriguing. Already put it on my to-read list. Thanks for the rec.

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    1. This is a game, Arria :0. Did you mean that for APOSIMZ?

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      1. Oh shoot. Darn phone. It commented on the wrong post. Tsk. Yes, I was supposed to comment on the APOSIMZ post.

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