OGZ Turns Two Today!

While our first written post was not until the day after the 15th of March, this was the day I decided to hop onto my laptop and start the process of running a blog/website. I had no clue what to expect nor had I any notion of where I would be at the end of the 2015 year. It was like watching a high school science experiment unfold and wonder what would become of it all. I’ve struggled, succeeded, made amazing connections and friends and have managed to carve out a small section of the net for Otaku Gamer Zone.

We have managed to talk to amazing individuals such as Rob Pereyda, Hank Smith, Fray & RONDONRATS. I have had the immense pleasure to engage with companies/programs like Kodansha Comics, Marvelous, Naka-Kon, NIS America, Seven Seas, Viewster and Viz Media. I never once thought that a small blogger such as myself could have ever of dreamed to have interacted with such amazing people and companies. You all are what makes this hobby, this potential job fun. It is getting to work, talk, laugh and learn from you all that interests and excites us to no end. All I can ever hope to say is thank you so much for an amazing opportunity like this.

milkgrrl is a person like no other and a truly amazing individual!

To our AMAZING artist, milkgrrlThank you so much for working with us these past few months. You have given us a mascot that we adore to no end and you have been an amazing person to engage with and promote! Thank you for giving so much personality and joy to the face of our mascot, Ota. I hope to partner with you further as I look forward towards seeing OGZ turn three.

To our amazing fans, colleagues and cats… Thank you for the support, the encouragement, and the partnership through these past two years. Engaging with you all is what makes this delightfully fun and amazingly rewarding. Getting to read your posts, to engage with your content is like nothing else. I find myself surrounded by giants that give me the strength to push onward and challenge myself on a day to day basis. It is being apart of the larger WordPress anime community that makes every morning that bit more enjoyable.

Lastly to Naka-Kon. Thank you for being the base from which I was able to feel impassioned to create this site, this blog. I do not know where I would be if I had not felt such feverish passion after the 2015 convention. I often find myself wondering if I still would have eventually tried my hand at this and how different it would look. Thank you for giving us the strength and motivation to run this site.

Much like streaming websites, we too use advertisements to generate funding! It would mean a lot to us if you disabled your ad-blocker(s) when visiting our site! Thank you very much!

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17 thoughts on “OGZ Turns Two Today!

  1. Congratulations on reaching 2 years! Woot! Here’s more growth and awesome content for years and years to come!

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    1. Thank you so so much! I honestly need to play catch up with you all!

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      1. Lol you’ve been busy being great and handling business! 😂 You guys are an inspiration And I’m so glad to have met you through blogging and if course OWLS!

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  2. Congrats on 2 years! Best wishes for the upcoming year. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I hope to achieve a lot more this year.

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  3. My, what an impressive resume for only having been in the biz for 2 years–that’s awesome, Kausus! I also thank Naka-Kon every year for rekindling my anime spirit and reminding me why I’m a fan. Crazy what a little social time can do for people, ya know? CONGRATS on 2 years, and here’s to another!!🎉🎂

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    1. Thank you so much man!!! 🙂

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  4. Congratulations for the 2 years. I also want to say that milkgrrl makes the best cute girls. I am looking forward to more stuff from you.

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      1. You’re welcome 🙂

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  5. Yay, congrats on the two year anniversary!

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  6. Well done on two years 👍🏼❤ congrats your amazing at what you do and love your faces?!!!

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  7. Oh no. I missed this post. But better late than never. Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary to OGZ!!! Yay yay! More power to you. Cheers!

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