APOSIMZ is One Gorgeous Manga!

In a bleak world rife with frame disease, communities band together to stand against imposing and inhospitable odds. This stunning manga from Tsutomu Nihei is just a small testament to the stunningly beautiful style that this man is capable of bringing and the type of story that encapsulates his audience.

The story follows the remnants of what seems to be a society wherein the individuals feature amazing biological enhancements from a point of mechanical nature. While confusing as to what is happening at first, this manga goes to explain some of what is going on. At this point all we can grasp is the importance of frames and their potential to contract a disease and their potential for greatness. Granted we are very much curious about the world in-which the characters we follow inhabit; it feels almost like a wasteland forever clouded in a nuclear winter of sorts. Even then it is covered in a stylized feeling that scream quality and curiosity. This is what we experience from this first chapter in the APOSIMZ series and it is one graphic and beautiful ride.

The art style of this manga is unlike anything I have seen before and we are absolutely in love with this title! Its art has a charm entirely its own and the character design is just gorgeous; even the graphic scenes are visceral and detailed to a point of artistic beauty. Creepy saying the aforementioned, but it is honestly true. The stylized deaths and transformations that this manga shows off is unlike anything I have seen to date in a manga!

If you wish to check this beautiful manga out yourself, feel free to pick it up from Kodansha Comics official website or your favorite digital comic app, like Comixology. All images were taken from our review copy provided by Kodansha comics! 


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2 thoughts on “APOSIMZ is One Gorgeous Manga!

  1. Is it your first comics by Nihei?

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