Deathtopia: Murder and Voluptuous Encounters

Enter a world where only the most disgustingly twisted characters live and where a man forever has his life changed for better or for worse. Deathtopia by Yoshinobu Yamada follows the tracks and daily happenings of a certain Koh Fujimura as he comes to terms with his near death experience(s) and the fact that he can now see people for who they are. “Cheaters” is a term that is used in manga to define characters who have regressed to more base, violent instincts, allowing them to wield supernatural strength and abilities.

While this manga stands in much darker and more adult contrast when compared to out other talked about manga Fire Force; this one still manages to shine bright. It is gritty and we love it! The visceral action, the gore and the blatant show of service is a touch for the maturest of readers. While this may be a massive put off for a majority of readers, allow me to persuade you from not considering this manga, to considering it. Deathtopia has a great story with twists that are morbidly dark and enjoyable. It feels like a manga that took the best action it could grab, the visceral nature of horror and added a layer of interesting medical terminology and psychology. This is a title that engages you on a deeper base and it does so in a form that is surprisingly quick to read.


The manga’s art style is as beautiful as it is deadly, with manga creator Yoshinobu Yamada taking out all the stops while trying to present something that is just entirely gorgeous. While the gore is mild in some aspects, there is a level of uncensored and brutal scenes that peak in every now and then that allow for a truly disgusting experience. When Koh smells the reeking stench of pooled blood, you as the reader cannot help but feel as disgusted and put off by the experience. This is in itself a doubled edge sword when it comes to potentially enjoying the manga. Frankly will everyone enjoy the flashy service and gore? Probably not, it just doesn’t sit well with most readers and that is alright. Will the story and interesting play on the traditional view on the mental state of serial killers keep you interested? We would hope so!

There is little to not love about the psychological exploration of a serial killers mindset. It is vastly intriguing and one thing that most doctors and psychologists are exploring to this day. Maybe this manga will hold all the answers we are looking for, maybe not. In either case we have a wonderful work of fiction that can be enjoyed either from Comixology or your local Barnes and Noble.

Our version of the manga was awesomely provided by Kodansha Comics! If you have not checked out their impressive line up, go do that now by using the provided link down below. They have great hits like Attack on Titan or the now insanely popular Interviews With Monster Girls!

Kodansha Comics:

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