Coming Up With Anime Topics

We all ask other bloggers and ourselves from time to time this question, “How do you come up with clever and engaging anime topics?” This mystery has plagued humanity since the dawn of writing and it is not just a phenomenon for the otaku of the world.  Frankly one most days, this one is just as mysterious as finding the cure for cancer.

Okay, maybe it is not as difficult as finding a cure for a life killing disease, but fro some it feels that way. Finding that creative spark for a topic idea when it comes to anime can be quite daunting. It’s like trying to pull an unblemished needle out from under a massive stack of other similar needles. It is the drive to create something that feels original and can standout is what drives and motivates us. Frankly it is a battle of unique creativity over not being able to come up with a topic; then again making such a clever topic is also apart of this game. For most occasions we settle for topics that we would consider catchy or click-bait in nature. Something that is just so usual, so bland that we often feel as if we could have done much better by another approach. Which is why we try our best to look at anime through a different colored lens and perspective, i.e. how pivotal music can be to an anime’s tone.


That is what makes writing and figuring out topics so much fun. It is wandering down a path that may or may not have been taken and finding something spectacular along the way. While we are creatures of habit and order, writing in your own voice, in a way that makes it fun for you can eventually add up. A topic that may seem too outlandish or obscure for some, will eventually cook into something deliciously scrumptious. I would equate this experience to a newbie photographer or cosplayer who wants to standout with a topic or piece that stands out, but yet wishes to remain faithful to the character or subject matter. It all becomes a game of wording and implementation.


Frankly you may feel like your topic may lack interest or relevance. You may feel like it is a topic that has been blasted off to the moon and back, but you are wrong. Even the most traveled paths can still hold excitement and adventure, you just have to know where to look and how to make the best of what you have.

So get out there and have fun with whatever topic you can muster. Finding the passions is one thing, but following it through is another beast entirely.

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1 thought on “Coming Up With Anime Topics

  1. Great post, Kausus. I personally find that when I write posts that I imagine I would like to read from others works quite well. Perhaps it’s because my enthusiasm for the topic shows versus topics that I write just because I think others would like them. It’s a hit or miss game. And when you think that you see a trend, it suddenly stops working and you have to rethink your strategy again. So I guess just continue to learn with other bloggers and to evolve as a writer/blogger. And of course, watch a lot of anime because duh.

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