Barakamon Teaches Enjoyment Through Simplicty

Face it, you have had moments where you feel on top of the world, untouchable and someone to fear. Then it hits you like a sack of potatoes. Life has a way of taking you down a notch and requiring you to reconsider your approach and wonder what exactly went wrong. The anime Barakamon is one such look. A man is forced to face the fact that his calligraphy is seen as standard and lacks that creative image of individuality. He is scorned by a director who he then proceeds to slug in the face. The consequence of his action’s force his father to send him away to an island community off the coast of mainland Japan in order to better himself and allow him time to rethink his life.

It is hear he interacts with the natives and in particular a young girl by the name of Naru who shows her sensei the pure enjoyment from her random, yet thoughtful daily life. Having such a recent crisis of feeling out of the game, we took to heart this anime. It was wholesomely pleasant and such an amazing delight that I could hardly contain my excitement for it all. It refueled our passions and stirred up our vigor by teaching us to look at our passion from a slightly different perspective. Finding that enjoyment and reasons for why you began to do what you do makes the difference.

Stepping back from his prior engagement our main character begins to see and feel the trembling joy for his writing from just the mundane and simple things in life. Finding that inner joy for creativity is what he loves and it acts as a catalyst for further growth and aspiration. One could not showcase this experience any better than how this anime has. It just happens to be one of those gems that forces the viewer to think deeply about their own passions and what causes them to tremble with love for what they do. This anime is very much a story about a man’s journey to rediscover his passions for calligraphy and to take enjoyment out of the most simplest things in life. This inspiration is addictive and drives his creative spirit in unique and beautiful ways.

Taking a step back to enjoy what one makes from a spur of the moment influence is rewarding, exciting and downright fun. It leaves little to become disappointed about and can often represent the best that, that individual has to offer. Who knew that a setting sun could send off such vigrous waves of inspiration and artistic drive.

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2 thoughts on “Barakamon Teaches Enjoyment Through Simplicty

  1. These are the kinds of irreplaceable feelings that anime, unlike many other media, can give us. If I’m ever in the mood to contemplate the basics of life, I’ll give Barakamon a call. What a warm experience you had!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really helped us out in reapplying focus towards our blog and I absolutely loved it.


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