How Invested is Too Invested?

Sports, games, movies and anime all share fans who have such feverish fervor that it begs the question, “When is an investment too much?” When does being so emotionally wrapped up in an article of interest become something of a terribly, disgusting factor? Well it can be something that pops up all too often. The pushing limit can be self defined or it can be an arbitrary point in which we all agree on; which frankly never happens due to the fact that we all have an innate, predefined limit.

“Wait Kausus, wouldn’t it be a good thing to be uber invested into a title of interest? I mean you are a feverish fan of Kill la Kill, right?” True. We all have that show, that game series or sports team that we have followed, played or watched for a very long time. We may collect all that there is to possibly collect for them and we have deeply rooted opinions on them all. It is when we come under fire that our investment towards a series is shown. How we react and compose ourselves when someone comes up to us and starts to trash, make fun of or insult the very item that we hold so dear will often times show an ugly side.


The best example I can give is in relation to the stereotypical image of an otaku and weeaboo, a fan who lashes out with such anger and such hate, all because someone said that they thought this anime was bad or that this character had no backbone. It is this angry image that most people can relate towards and it is the one from which we see the most of. It saddens me to sometimes say that I am invested in Kill la Kill due to the fact that friends or strangers might think I will lash out at them for hating or not liking that anime. For me, that is perfectly fine. I’m happy that you at least gave it a chance. Even if you berate it as shameless fan-service I will let you have that opinion. I will disagree with you, but I’m not going to lash out at you or threaten you with bodily harm. These are the invested fans from which we ask this question, “What is too invested?”

The shock from some arguments over what anime trumps what title is often time appalling and disgusting.

Frankly It is hard for me to say that the above example of a angry and vicious fan is the point of no return for investment. My opinion is my opinion and that is fact. I will have a point from which I can say that, that is too much. I may be in the minority or the majority and even so, there will still be individuals who classify this differently. Someone might say that my lack of resolve to engage them back and defend my beloved anime means that I have not wanting to defend its honor. To which I would say, no. I have the integrity to realize that not everyone is going to like the anime I like, to enjoy the characters that I enjoy. I very much hate the character Armin from Attack on Titan, but will I jump somebody for liking him? No. That is their passion and I would hope that they would understand that when we criticize a show, a character that we are expressing that we simply thought it was rubbish or just not our cup of tea. Granted how we word what we say also has a triggering point that each person will react differently towards.

We love seeing fans wholesomely invested in the content that we love, granted some of them show it in a more ugly and aggressive side when challenged and others show it calmly and are able to carry a civil discussion in regards to talking about other titles. What other examples can you all think of or what are some of the limits from which you all gauge as too invested? Feel free to leave a comment with us down below!

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2 thoughts on “How Invested is Too Invested?

  1. People can never leave certain things you say alone, the anime community at times is bad for this. Like you said if someone said to me they don’t like the vision of escaflowne because I am obsessed with it. Doesn’t mean I am going to go bite their head off for it lol Good article XD

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  2. Too invested would perhaps be refusing to live in reality and deal with real life issues, and instead investing everything in the fantasy world of anime. And I agree with you about becoming too invested with an anime or a character that one rejects other choices, even attacking other fans. This is so sad, but unfortunately a reality within the fandom. Quite scary.

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