First off this post and accompanying unboxing video could not have been possible without the fine folks from Viz Media! Thank you so much for the amazing and tireless work you all perform on a daily basis to help and better the manga and anime home video communities! If you have not checked out this amazing company feel free to use the hyperlinks we have tied to every mention of Viz or Viz Media!

Now let us dive into what this post is about, Bleach. As many of you know we started our journey with bleach just last month and have already become massively invested and interested in the series as a whole; we still make punny jabs at it from time to time. I have been blown away by the level of detail in character actions, the writing and the overall story flow. It feels nothing like a traditional Shonen Jump title and that is what impresses me so, however I may regret saying that when I near a lot of the filler arcs. What makes us most excited about reviving both sets is that we can re-watch them with higher definition (Although the video is still listed at a 4×3 ratio. May need to do a side by side comparison) and hopefully a bit more detail! It is something that is a bit sore to view in its current 480p render. While not bad, it does make things slightly blurry when full screen comes into effect.

The sets are not limited edition sets by any means and that is fine by us! They still stand out on a shelf, even when they are in their smaller sleeves. I love the inner sleeve covers as they add a lot more flair to your shelf when browsing through the anime that you have for viewing; granted ours needs MASSIVE expansion. The blu-ray’s themselves are phenomenal and as pretty as they can be! The quality that is bound to come from them is audio wise too seems to be good! Rated at a 2.0 audio rating, which isn’t too flashy but it seems to be just right! Included below will also be our video based unboxing of the duo! Hope you all enjoy it!

We will post another impression after having re-watched the anime episodes again with our new blu-ray based feedback! Thank you to everyone who watched and read our post!

Much like streaming websites, we too use advertisements to generate funding! It would mean a lot to us if you disabled your ad-blocker(s) when visiting our site! Thank you very much!



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