The Age Old Question: How Do I Avoid Burnt Out!

Face it, you have been through it and I have been through it. Frankly it happens to us all too often and this phenomena is the dreaded feeling that is, loss of interest! This can also be expressed by someone who is feeling “Burnt Out” or “Uninterested” as a way of conveying how one feels about a subject in which they have dipped a considerable amount of time into; only to feel the piercing fangs of boredom. This happened to us last year from September till around December where we just felt nothing towards anime and had lost an interest in watching altogether; shocking to hear this from an anime website! It doesn’t make us immune to the “Burnt Out” effect and it only worsens for us individuals who spend day after day engrossed in the subject matter. What usually causes this? Well, anything really. You could have several hobbies that you enjoy and in the end you usually spend a heavier time investing yourself into a particular category of interest, only to burn yourself out on it. We then move onto new subjects of interest to fill said voided feeling of disinterest.


How does one go about avoiding this phenomenon altogether? Surely there is a cure for this ailment that afflicts a major portion of all fandoms?! The truth is that there isn’t an easy fix. The easier answer would be to say that you should properly spend an equal amount of time in each subject of interest. The sad realization is that, as humans, we often want to gorge on a tasty title of interest until our hunger for it has been sated. It’s why services like Netflix are so popular as they allow for you to binge watch shows until your heart’s content. Other simulcast services require a more active engagement on the same day of every week. Over a course of time this method becomes quite tiresome and can often leave one feeling lethargic towards it. They want to pursue other avenues of engagement in order to fix or cure their feelings; Granted too much of one thing is always said to be a bad experience.

No one likes feeling lethargic in regards to the things they love most.

In saying that you should ease of on one item and begin working on another, the person in question runs a very high risk of developing the sensation all over again. This gets you nowhere and it wastes your time yet again. What is the cure all, is personal perseverance. Knowing when you have had enough and knowing your own limits in the enjoyment of your hobbies. Granted we work through ours in what we call ‘Seasons’. These can range from heavy bouts of anime binge watching or to video game binge playing. Either route becomes tiresome and will often naturally start to wrap together until one outpaces the other. This constant changing is something that I find works best for us, but may not work as well for someone else who is wanting to avoid this dreaded situation. So let us know down below how you all work with the dreaded burnt out feeling!

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9 thoughts on “The Age Old Question: How Do I Avoid Burnt Out!

  1. my secret is having no social life

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    1. That’s a pretty good secret.


  2. Reblogged this on RACCOON DADDY – Games and Parenting Community and commented:
    I was burnt out by December and I found that just taking a break and walking away from blogging worked. Perseverance might work for some, I just ended up losing more interest in what I was writing about.
    After I moved my focus away from the site, spent more time for myself, wife and daughter; I regained my desire to write and so forth.
    Maybe it just depends of why you’re being burnt out.


  3. I don’t find I get burnt out from watching anime but that’s because I am usually watching a large number of shows from different genres so I just kind of flit between types of anime rather than watching the same thing all the time.

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  4. I lose my interest for anime mostly when I focus more on gaming. I cannot take two or more hobbies at once because I’m terrible at time management. Whenever I find something really cool to play, that’s all I do. Likewise, when I start watching anime I get demoted one division from not playing.

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