Demi-Chan wa Kataritai is full of merit and heart!

When looking at a title from the side, we often judge it for what it seems like it should be. A title like Demi-Chan wa Kataritai seems like it would be a fan-service riddled wall of smut and yet it is not. With the latest episode in the series anime adaptation I can proudly say that this title has merit and soul. The latest episode is focused on the demi-human Kusakabe Yuki and her on going struggle with identification in terms of self and that of high school gossip; the later being the primary focus of this episode. While keeping light on what transpires in the episode, I will say that this was a deep episode to watch for anyone who has been through school gossip and bullying. It is hard to talk about the struggles that we face growing up in high school and even more so if we are of another race, culture, religion or thought. This is what makes this episode’s impact much more deep by showing us how Kusakabe feels about the gossip that is spoken behind her back. She’s self conscious about who she is and chooses social isolation because of it.

The episode does a phenomenal job in solving this crisis and showing how strong you can be when you are able to face your fears and confront those who speak ill of you; without needing to resort to violence. It is this strength and link that comes from connecting with all the demi’s of her local school that helps her to break from her shell and confront those who were talking her behind her back, forcing the two ladies in question to aptly apologize for their awful mannerisms. I have not seen an anime explore this very deep issues in such a way before. It makes me happy and comforted in being able to see others prevail and learn from the unity and common connection that they all share. Being able to borrow strength from one another is crucial in any situation, no matter who is involved. Having to face social isolation, in the case of  Satou Saki who has to be socially isolated due to her succubus nature, just because they are unsure of who or what they are. Tackling these without strength is almost impossible on ones own. Having friends, family and others who are understanding make those cloudy days much more bearable. 

The other joyful aspect came at the episode’s end when Takahashi-Sensei was talking to Hikari’s sister about his interest in her and other demi’s. Her sister thinks he is someone that is just after her sister for deviant desires and that he only see’s her demi side and not her human one. Takahashi quips back by stating that all of the traits that make up a demi are what is beautiful and that by only focusing on the demi or human side to them is doing them an unjust service. We should instead relish in everything that makes up their personality and being, thus allowing us to better understand them. This anime is silly, it has some service and yet it manages to pull out such deep and complex ways of looking at one another. That is what everyone wants from life is to be understood, accepted and loved for who they are, not who they aren’t. To love all aspects of them, not just their demi or human sides. Teaching others that what they say behind a person’s back is not fully the truth; maybe there is something deeper behind why they isolate themselves socially.


All in all this anime is an immense charm and a delightful retreat from our mundane weekdays. Nothing beats being able to watch an anime that is able to connect on a fundamentally deeper level than previously thought. The series shines so brightly that I cannot help but feel at eased and fulfilled when watching a title of this caliber; A-1 Pictures is in excellent form this season for sure! Demi-Chan wa Kataritai is a title that has strong merit for an award nomination for this years anime awards in the field of deeper storytelling. Demi-Chan wa Kataritai can be legally enjoyed over at Crunchyroll!

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