Naka-Kon’s 2017 Guest list expands!

We are back with a new Naka-Kon 2017 update! So far the guest list for this upcoming convention has been quite lax compared to last years guest list, but that is nothing to be overly worried about. We have yet to literally be disappointed by this well established convention. This years list is looking impressive and unique; we highly anticipate more announcements to follow suit the closer to March we get.


Recently Naka-Kon announced their first Voice Actor for this convention, David Vincent to be precise. The talented man has voiced characters from the Tales Series of Games, The Fate Series, Senketsu from Kill la Kill and of course Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez from Bleach! The man has a talented roster of voice work in both anime, gaming and television series like NCIS. This is pretty exciting as I would love to get the man’s signature for our copies of Kill la Kill Vol 1-3!

Another announcement is the fact that convention comic illustrator Amelie Belcher  will of course be in attendance as per every year! Although she is not the only artist adding her skills to the convention guest list this year! A mangaka by the name of Tei Ogata will make his first appearance at the convention this year. The talented individual from Japan has been helping to teach aspiring manga artists with their story work and artistic skills from his place of work in Osaka, Japan. He has been a published manga artists since his published debut in 2000. We look forward to hopefully meeting the gentlemen this convention year!


Naka-Kon will also be featuring a local cosplay guest from Kansas, USA. She had previously won best in show during the 2015 convention, which ironically was the first year in which we schemed up OGZ! I look forward to attending her panels at this years convention! I have hopes that she will also be joined by a Japanese cosplayer as per Naka-Kon tradition.

That will do it for a quick update on the guest list for the upcoming convention! I look forward to providing more information on the convention as we near the actual convention date! I am working hard at bringing you all a diverse amount of coverage at this years convention and I hope that it all pans out as I have planned for it so far. We hope to run into familiar and hopefully new faces this convention year!

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2 thoughts on “Naka-Kon’s 2017 Guest list expands!

  1. So psyched to meet the King of Kings, Heroes, Legends and the like! >.<


  2. Really wish I could go. I want to meet Ray Chase.

    Liked by 1 person

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