Kitsu is bringing something new!

Little do most know that I have made a My Anime List (MAL from henceforth) for Otaku Gamer Zone. The reason for me telling you all now is because I can say that I am never, EVER going back and I will tell you why. Unpolished, unfriendly and frankly dated. Now this isn’t any sort of paid sponsorship, many of you should know by now that when we encounter something we love and like; you shall hear of it tenfold! While MAL was the established basis for future websites like the one in the subject of this post, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t at fault for lacking to notice its competition. Kitsu is a beautifully laid out website that attempts to bring better social interaction between fans of anime, manga and random discussions; while also bringing your a library for your finished titles.


Now before I am burned by the torch for my comment on MAL, Kitsu is far from perfect. The struggles I have faced with simple profile picture and banner changing has been… less than ideal. The site also suffers from a rather unpolished feeling in terms of it’s load time and coding, but this is something that they make very clear upfront and it is forgivable in that regard. They have after all gone through a MASSIVE change due to their recent funding by Viz Media. Viz Media’s own Rob Pereyda is overseeing a lot of details at Kitsu by working with the founder of Kitsu, Josh! The CEO of Kitsu is a joy to chat with and can be seen welcoming each and every new member to the website itself; within reason as he cannot get to everyone! With the global message board users can actually engage with pretty much all the staff behind Kitsu and can at least expect a response in some fashion. It does also open up some pretty spicy comments and animosity.


While a very feature light system is present to users as of this writing, the team is hard at work trying to stabilize code and implement new features. One lacking feature is in regards to showing what websites have certain anime for streaming. Case in point Kill la Kill lacks a link Viewster as a legal source for streaming in North America. There are quite a few that lack most sources, but I am sure as long as they are hitting the primary streaming sources they will be fine! is free to join and it takes hardly anytime setting yourself up! It has by far one of the cleanest, easy to use, show/manga adding features I have seen and it does nothing to overly muddy the process. Also as of this writing, a brand new character page should be getting ready to go live! We are excited to see how this turns out and whether or not the website can make a larger than life impression on the anime list community. If you would like to follow us on, please consider clicking right here!

Much like streaming websites, we too here use advertisements to generate funding! It would mean a lot to us if you disabled your ad-blocker(s) when visiting our site! Thank you very much!

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7 thoughts on “Kitsu is bringing something new!

  1. The social media aspect of this site sounds really cool! My years of using MAL make it just too hard to step away from though. 😡 Maybe I’ll also make a Kitsu account to complement it.

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    1. Side note: didn’t expect that angry emoji for : x

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    2. Yeah! I’ve used MAL for a long time, but Kitsu also employs an easy to use transfer system! 🙂


  2. Kitsu is a pretty dope platform but it’d be better if they had an app.

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    1. Actually there are a numbers of app from Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. It’s not official app though. But due to Kitsu is rewriten, some API doesn’t works as good as before yet. You should come back and checking out!

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      1. I’ll check em out


  3. I using Kitsu (aka Hummingbird V3) since 2013, and they’re surprisingly cool!!!
    They’d made a constant change time by time.
    The first version of Kitsu is simply anime list. There’s no manga list. No post feature. No forums. No group. Only simple anime list.

    FYI, this is a list of feature that will be introduced (or coming back) soon(tm).
    – Group
    – Drama database and list
    – Staff/seiyuu page
    – Character page
    – Company/Studio/Circle page
    – Badge (aka Kitsu ver. of MALgraph)

    some future feature that the staff ever mentioned before (but not sure if things will be realized or not):
    – Light novels database
    – Visual novels database
    – Franchise pages
    – Community Voting for Posters/Covers


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