Anime Beginners: Tackling a large anime series!

Welcome back to our post topic Anime Beginners! For today’s post I figured I would talk about the struggle for many anime fans/enthusiasts out there and that is the eternal conflict when considering should you watch long running anime i.e. Bleach, One Piece or Naruto. The situation may seem easy for most of us season anime viewers and that is, “Yeah! Go for it! You are in for one heck of a ride!” While it may sound easy to convey, it really is another beast altogether. Frankly I have personally veered away from larger titles due to the amount of time that has to be invested. Most will prefer an anime that only takes a portion of their time, rather than a couple of weeks or months worth of time investment. Why? Frankly that has very much to do with attention span and the fact that it will take an immensely long period of time just to watch it all!

While a long series, Bleach is more manageable at 366 episodes than say One Piece; which comes in at over 900+ episodes!

When you have to choice of a twelve episode anime versus an anime coming in at around 366 episodes long, most would be inclined to choose the shorter of the two just because they are able to consume it more timely. On the other hand what they gain from the more time investing series is a chance to become wholesomely invested in the characters that they all so love. Not only the characters, they will also earn a deeper understanding and appreciation for the lore of the world and may actually jump ship to the manga’s that a majority of these long winded series are based on; although that is a different box of fun altogether and will be discussed in a later post!

From our own experience, while we are standoff-ish in regards to starting a longer series, our exposure with titles like Bleach or Gintama have been immensely fun and rewarding! While they do take a considerable amount of time and effort to start into, they are just as rewarding as the smaller chunk anime that we are used to. Just be wary of the eventually filler arcs and the onset of anime fatigue. Filler arcs deviate from the story and generally offer no incentive or value towards the furthering of the overall plot. Anime fatigue on the other hand develops after one becomes utterly waterlogged after just binging on so much in such a short period of time. Once you get past the fretting on time, you are sure to enjoy the larger series based on the fact that they offer a wonderful way to become wholesomely invested into characters that you love.

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2 thoughts on “Anime Beginners: Tackling a large anime series!

  1. Even now, I still avoid long series at all costs. I just no longer have the patience to sit through 786 episodes, half of which are fillers. It was okay when I was a kid because I would watch anime on TV and it would be 1 episode per day. This is no longer working with my habit of binge watching everything. This is why I also avoided on-going series for a long time. When it comes to long series, I’d rather stick to the manga.

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