*Updated for 27-30!* The Invasion into Soul Society is beautiful action on a quick and spicy level!

Today will be a shorter piece as we have quite a lot to get through but oh man! The bleach episode run that is 21-30! A lot of development and a lot of action happens during this run of episodes and it down right amazing! With a whirlwind of interesting developments in Soul Society and with the gang breaching the Seireitei, a protective bubble that guards the Soul Society against unwanted intruders. We get to see Ichigo, Chad, Inoue and Ishida all firmly tested and aided by obvious allies and by ones from which act secretly from the sidelines. We also have to praise the animation as it has been noticeably improving over the past few episodes and I got to say that I am colored impressed! I absolutely enjoy being able to watch something evolve in-front of us as we get to enjoy the rise in quality over the journey we are taking. Still waiting for that HD quality though!

While we are only on episode 28 (about mid-way through), we are mainly familiar with episodes 21-26 at this point, having those firmly ingrained into my subconscious. I have to say that I was impressed with the fight pacing as we finally get to see a fight that plays out between Soul Reapers for the first time; of course not counting the brief fight between Renji and Ichigo. I love, LOVE the pacing in the fight scenes. I was terrified, worried even that I would have a repeat of mental fatigue that I suffered after spending my childhood watching the first season of Naruto. Thankfully this has not been the case with Bleach and while this impression is only of a small sliver, I have a feeling that this is what I can expect to see from later episodes. Sure we will have arcs that will drag their heels when show casing very important fight scenes, but I think it will be much more manageable than Naruto. With that all said I love the pacing and I love how visceral it is. It has the right mixture of proper sword play and suspense around every move the characters take. This is really putting Ichigo’s swordplay knowledge and abilities to their hardest test yet.

In terms of characters I am loving to widening cast of faces, but I fret I may fall behind in remembering some key individuals who are important to the encompassing story. Sure characters like Kukaku Shiba add quite a bit of zest along with her ludicrous brother Ganju, I wonder how important these characters could be further down the road, if they indeed survive at all! I like the witty and hilarious tendencies that Ganju and Ichigo have as they are consistently headbutting each other over and over on stupid issues. While I am certain I will get exposed to numerous other characters within the Soul Society Squads I am curious to see how their future relationships turn out when the dust and grudges against Rukia and Ichigo are settled. With the change in the opening theme I also have to say that while I like it, I am not as head over heals as the majority of the fanbase is; maybe it’s because I tend to not like the uber popular songs… With that being said I will still be adding it to our iTunes Japan library; it may yet grow on us!

*Updated for impressions on character interactions for episodes 27-30!*

In terms of the final three episodes in our watch amount I have to say, the lead up to Ichigo running back into Renji was awesome! I look forward to seeing how the fight plays out and who comes out on top. Surely Ichigo will, but that begs the question of whether or not the looming Kenpachi will show up shortly after said fight. I also enjoyed a little bit more layering for Ishida’s character. His own training seems to have molded him into a force that is both an asset and a possible time bomb for a power battle between himself and Ichigo further down the road. The interactions between Ganju and Ichigo continue to be our favorites for this cour of Bleach. Nothing is more satisfying than watching these two goof balls scheme up some dastardly plan or result to bickering with each other while surrounded by several Soul Society Reaper Squads; Talk about dedication to a grudge.

The pacing in the final three episodes for our 10 episode cour is phenomenal and the tone that is set for the groups retrieval of Rukia is only amplified when they run into a Soul Reaper named Hanatarou who shares the sympathies of Ichigo in hoping that they are indeed able to rescue Rukia from her untimely demise. The action is indeed mounting and frankly I am stoked to see what becomes of the series in the next ten episodes!

Thank you everyone for reading our shorter impression! I wanted to have at least up to episode 35 watched, but due to the influx of releases, i have had to step back and prioritize my timetable. As always thank you for reading and we appreciate it if you have adblocker disabled when viewing our website!

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2 thoughts on “*Updated for 27-30!* The Invasion into Soul Society is beautiful action on a quick and spicy level!

  1. It seems that you’re still enjoying Bleach. I’m glad. The Soul Society invasion was a very exciting one. I’m hoping that we get a new anime adaptation. If not a total reboot, then perhaps a continuation of where it left off.

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    1. Would be quite interesting and worthwhile for me!

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