Konosuba Season 2 is a blessing upon this Earth!!!

I have never come across an anime season quite like Konosuba Season 2. This first episode had it all. Edge of your seat drama, laughs that could take you to the moon and a helpful heap of odd camera shots and angles. This anime season has me holding back tears from laughter and it has me excited for a whole new season of laughs, acts of perversion and the delightful humor that all fans of Konosuba have come to love and appreciate! This anime is a blessing upon this green Earth and should be shared over and over again!

While those who are just now watching the series may be well confused by what is happening, the anime’s first new episode of the season is off to a glorious start! It feels like forever since I last picked up the anime, but man does it remain a fresh image in our minds and a queued anime on our watching list. The season starts right where we left off; with Kazuma Satou being held accountable for the damage to a lord’s manor! The sense of justice and acquisitions that Kazuma must face is downright cringe worthy and the lack of up front and vocal support is hilarious to watch. I think that many anime can learn from this seasons start when trying their best at getting the audience interested and pulled back into the anime they all loved to start with. This is what this season does so incredibly well.

It is an immensely satisfying to sit down to an anime that knows who their audience was, what they liked and watched the show for and then proceeds with the antics that made it widely popular, while throwing in a few new jabs here and there. I am frankly just in awe at the current writing of how satisfying this first episode was and I am deeply excited for what is coming. I don’t think i have been this excited for a new season in a very long time. Please keep on the path that you are walking! As far as the animation goes, while it looks a little wonky for a first time viewer, I am happy that the derpy looking expressions and stylized design are still solid and are still pleasing to the eyes! Studio Deen is walking into 2017 on solid footing and will definitely be in the running for our anime to watch and possibly AOTY for 2017!

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