Upcoming Game Content!

A short update for you all, but a required one nonetheless! I wanted to ensure you all that we are still working on our Let’s Play series, both in Fallout 4 and in Civilization VI. I have ran into issues with getting Fallout 4 to launch so I have to mull through the mods list to see what could be causing the ruckus. As for why we have not posted a video in a while is due to the fact that our trail for Adobe Premiere Pro ended and I have been stingy with wanting to pay 20.00USD a month for it. Suffice to say we opted to use the free Windows Movie Maker; I shudder at the thought myself… However we will be posting a brand new LP episode today for Civilization VI! I hope it is a way for us to say thank you! The episode however is dated! I will try to provide more up to date episodes!

As far as what we have out on the horizon, I do have stuff I am working on with our PS4 and I have two titles, Elite Dangerous: Horizons and Star Citizen that we are working on making both written and video expressed impressions of! You can also expect to see a video or two on the series as a whole; cause who doesn’t love some space faring action?! Gaming has just been a smidge too pricey lately for us to feature other content at this point and we are working around that!

As stated short and sweet! I should also use the rest of this time to to state that we are a member of the WordPress WordAds program; as such we make some profit from ad impressions. It would mean the world to us and more if you could disable adblocker while visiting our website! This is a measure to help keep costs down, while also providing a bit of extra funding for OGZ’s use towards website improvements and material!

Tokyo Otaku Mode Affiliate Links!

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