Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga First Impressions!

With the birth of a brand new Blue Exorcist season, I am again reminded why you should at least re-familiarize yourself with what has already happened versus what a new season may add! With this latest blip on our radar I was pulled into my subconscious to figure out where in the heck this new season fit in. While the confusion subside quite quickly for myself, I found other friends a bit confused as to why they hated Rin Okumura again. Well spoiler alert, this season takes place pretty much right after Rin’s fight with the demon Amaimon. His friends are shocked, confused and scared after having learned about who his father was and who he is.

While this will hardly be an episode recap, I will say this does begin right after Rin is forced to focus his untapped power in a more controllable form and function, all while under the careful supervision of Kirigakure Shura. The episode starts us right into the action with both the Okumura brothers and a demon that begins to sow the seeds of doubt within the heart of Yukio Okumura as him and his brother Rin travel their separate ways in order to track down the left and right eye of the Impure King. What impresses me most about this arc is just how faithful the crew has remained towards the original art style of the first season which was more than six years ago now. To me that is amazingly impressive, but should not be surprising since A-1 Pictures would of course have access to the older work. There are some impressive visual tweaks and updates, but aside from the usual upgrades we get to enjoy one amazing work of art. The animation aspect as a whole is phenomenal when you finally fit all the pieces together and the characters all have had slight tweaks; especially Shiemi Moriyama. It is great hearing the gang too! All the original actors and actresses have returned to lend their voices into the world that made Blue Exorcist such an enthralling one to begin with.

I have no doubt that the story will be just as empowering as it was with the first season; regardless of the opinion in regards to the rushed ending. While I can only hope that this season does the first one justice, I have higher hopes for this one being able to standout on its own with its own tantalizing tale. Which I of course am curious about what impact this new demon’s words will have on the already cumbersome burdens that Yukio Okumura holds on his shoulders. Will those words be the reason as to why he was finally possessed by Satan in the first season? Only time will tell! Aside from main line adversaries,  I am also looking forward to what new sub-demons will creep up from the shadows to confront our merry band of exorcists and how successful in their dastardly attempts they will be. While I would have wished for a bit more to the first episode, I think that the subsequent episodes will be well worth the wait as we can expect to see a 12 episode run in total; a shame it won’t be a 25 episode run!

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5 thoughts on “Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga First Impressions!

  1. I agree I hope season 2 does the 1st season justice. And so mad it will only be 12 episodes ugh

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    1. I was hoping for a comparable season length. Makes me wonder if it’s a funding issue or if this was already planned out as a twelve episode cut.

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      1. Or maybe they saved 12 more to come out with a season 3 really fast. We will never know haha wish they tell us more

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  2. Since I read the manga right after the first season finished, I wasn’t confused. Maybe they should’ve done a recap episode from the Amaimon battle transitioning to this arc before the first episode of the second season.

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  3. Sounds like this anime started off with a blast. I really enjoyed the first anime but after seeing the trailers, I think this anime will be the next best thing in 2017. I like the first season but I did hear the first season drifting away from the manga. I’m glad to see the anime follow the manga this time. Based on the title, it may just focus on the Impure King Arc. If it gets more popular, wait until we see Rin face against the Illuminati and zombies!

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