Tomorrow Marks The Return of Blue Exorcist!

While this post will be a short one, it should go with out saying that we FINALLY get to see more Blue Exorcist this time tomorrow! Well not quite this time, but still! It is soon and I am on the edge of my seat with excitement and eagerness to see how well this new season will hold up when compared against the original! The Kyoto Saga as it is called is looking to be one for the books as it will be tackling all new foes and issues! I can only hope that A-1 Pictures has stayed as true as they can possibly be to the source material.

If you have not read our previous impressions on the series, please do so! It is a good way to gather on what we felt towards the anime that I first got to see in 2011 during my college anime club (which in itself was not a pleasant experience at all.) The first season is something that I feel everyone can enjoy and it takes an interesting approach in its discussion and portrayal of religious beliefs that did manage to upset a few baskets in the community. While this is all of course fiction, it does have a rustling affect. Be sure to catch up on the first season if you intend to watch this newest season to Blue Exorcist!

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3 thoughts on “Tomorrow Marks The Return of Blue Exorcist!

  1. I’m excited to see this anime. I have been waiting years since I seen the original.

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  2. So excited hahahah yayyyyy

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  3. I remember enjoying the original series back in the day, but I’m not that much enthusiastic about the sequel. I spent my entire sequel-energy over D.gray-man last year. X D

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