My Heart Was Racing, Adrenaline Pumping!!! Bleach Ep 11-20!

If you thought our impressions of the past few episodes were overly joyful about the series then are you all in for a treat! The episodes that span 11-20 are some of the best structured and adrenaline engaging episodes of the anime so far and it has my hype train at full speed and then some. The episodes that were 11-20 have some amazing character development and action that I have not seen in a series for sometime yet.

Where these episodes stand is on ground that is both strong yet loose in some areas. The main gripe of which has to do with how fast the character development for Ichigo was sad to see, but I am sure it was there for a thematic reason. I.E. Rukia’s pending execution in Soul Society for having gave her powers to a human. I still felt that his time spent regaining his lost abilities by training with Kisuke Urahara was monumental and a awesome moment for Ichigo’s very own character development. On the other spectrum both Inoue and Chad’s character developments where more carefully cultivated and yet their training session with Yoruichi is very rushed; more so than Ichigo’s in our own opinion. This being said the character development that he exhibits throughout the episodes 11-20 is astounding and freaking amazing.

I love how much growth he exhibits with just a short amount of time; no matter how rushed it may feel. Just seeing this character learn from his own failures and to eventually rely upon his own strength is just so enlightening. His own personal differences with Ishida is just as refreshing to watch as his fight and lessons learned from the Soul Reaper Renji. Ishida adds a great calm and collected dynamic to what we are used to seeing from Ichigo with his head strong antics and rough fighting style. On the topic of character development, Ishida is a character who needs very little. I say this with caution as I am sure his character will continue to grow and learn in the anime. He just appears before us as a character who is already in understanding and early mastery of his powers. Therefore his development is quite lax in comparison to the dynamic Ichigo.

While I am sure Ichigo will undergo further training, I can say that I do have a feeling he will get in touch with that Hollow side to himself sometime very soon; I blame J-Stars Victory Vs+. This continued excellence is what keeps me hooked on this title. Being able to see the emotional depth, the tactical animation and engaging fight scenes are just so well done! I really do mean this when I say that Bleach has been such a joy to watch and this batch of episodes only helps to further cement this feeling. I love the direction that the art is slowly going in. There have been ever increasing gains in quality during the ten episode cur and I have been thankful in that regard; just waiting for at least 720p or 1080p quality for the streaming.

Now the action scenes are so good and I imaging they can only improve from here on out. The fight between Renji and Ichigo is very, VERY good. I wasn’t left with a bad after taste nor was it too short. Sure the talking was a bit much, but it was done in such moderation that it felt right. In contrast Byakuya is a man of little to no words, but a man of drastic abilities that makes Ichigo’s former display of strength and feats a fleeting attempt at best. His cold nature and blank stare only adds to his sense of ruthlessness, even when faced towards his sister with whom he sees to share littler interest for. Rukia’s brother Byakuya is just such an interesting person and I feel as if he is not in the least as heartless as he is made out to be. While time can only tell I hope that his character develops even more to reveal that he has had a soft spot for his adopted sister all this time.


If you all would like to enjoy our spoken impressions you can feel free to follow this link to your YouTube discussion! I am trying to provide both written and spoken commentary to offer you all a bit of diversity when it comes to what we are providing you all content wise.

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