Bleach Episodes 4-10 Keeps The Ball Rolling!

Continuing on with the hype train that is my obsession with Bleach, episodes four through ten continue to hold me captive in it’s amazingly muscular and yet fragile arms. From the very beginning of my trek into Bleach I was skeptical in believing that I could enjoy an anime with an episode run numbering in the hundreds and yet, here I am enjoying the livid hell out of Bleach. I do not know on how to chalk it up to either it being pure luck that I would enjoy something of this caliber or if it has to do with the anime just being this phenomenal from the get go. While I am on episode 15 I felt it only right to let you all know with how I felt after having completed now 10 episodes. I tend to enjoy anime on a 10 episode basis as it seems logical to digest at this size for an anime this huge.

The episode prior to ten, episode nine, was for me the episode that sold me wholesomely on the anime. It had such an emotional depth that I get a pretty good feeling for how the anime will shape up further down the road. I was so engrossed in the amount of character development and personality that was explored via Ichigo that episode and it was frankly a well done episode. While the trope of the helpless sisters was a bit ‘meh’ the rest of the episode held up quite strongly; which is something I cannot say about anime with only 12 episode runs these days.  The strong development was not only restricted towards Ichigo but Rukia saw a fair bit of backstory development too; just enough to keep the mystery of her background a tantalizing treat. Sad part is most of you reading this already know about the characters. I find this to be quite thrilling in knowing that I am entering sacred ground for the very first time.

Chad is a character that has me quite interested in his story. The hulking man seems to be the darker skinned cousin of a personal favorite Shizuo Heiwajima from DURARARA!!!. Of course he seems to be a portrayal of the gentle giant, but I want to say that there is more to this man than what is let on for us to believe. Inoue will undoubtedly become more involved with Ichigo’s life and the sisters have me curious about as to what roles they will play in the future of the anime itself. The opening depicts them with halo’s and angelic attire so maybe they get off’d? Who knows; well all of you who are reading this knows…. Episode 7 was another enjoyable episode that introduced many new faces as well as the ever so popular character Kon. The way he was pulled into this world was absolutely stunning and marvelous. I can see now why everyone loves his character so much. He is just the right amount of silly and funny and is an enjoyable addition to the growing crew.

I can only speculate that the continued development on each of the characters can only go up from here. It is amazing to watch characters grow and learn from their failures as they try to better themselves. I have high expectations for the next ten episodes and the future ones to come. I am already half way through the next ten and It is getting to be a very interesting mosh of characters and events! The only real complaint that I have with these first few episodes is the simple fact that the streaming quality is relegated to a 480p standard… I need to get into the newer seasons as soon as possible!

Still even at only 480p the anime looks phenomenal and I can appreciate the effort from all the artists that went into making these bast few episodes come to life. I really do hope you all are enjoying out posts about Bleach! I figured it would be interesting and exciting for you all to follow along with us as we watching this insanely popular anime for the first time.

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3 thoughts on “Bleach Episodes 4-10 Keeps The Ball Rolling!

  1. Glad to hear you made it this far. The first season of Bleach is awesome and it does introduce characters like Chad and we learn about Ichigo. Chad is one of my favorite characters in the anime.

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    1. I’m eager to get back to watching a few more episodes tonight.

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      1. It’s going to be great in the episodes. More characters are coming for Ichigo.

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