Why I Regret Just Now Starting Bleach!

We all have those brash choices we make in life. The quickest comparison I can muster is the never ending bash-fest that is Star Wars Vs. Star Trek fandom. We all have our opinions and we want to stand boldly beside them. There comes a time in our lives where we begin to make a conscious decision in regards towards a stance that is simply childish at best. I’ve made a brash choice in having both playfully and harshly criticized the anime Bleach. To me it was a run of the mill anime that followed such a cookie cutter format and was just simply another Naruto.

I sorely regret not giving this a shot sooner and for having such biased and preconceived notions. I feel like i was just slapped and scolded by Rukia.

This just makes me cringe in agony over my words after having just now started this anime and realizing that I was way too harsh; least of all I am very much enjoying this anime! I’ve been dazzled and impacted by the episodes I have seen thus far. This is frankly an anime that deserves my attention sooner and I had made the poor choice in falling into the horrid habit of just causing grief for my friends who enjoyed the anime and really tried to get me to watch it earlier. Thankfully I have the awesome community around me to help push me into actually watching this anime and I frankly am happy for that pressure.


Being now 10 episodes in I can surely say that this will be an anime that will finally share myself space with greats like Cowboy Bebop, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Kill la Kill or Chobits. It will also be marked as my first Shonen Jump inspire anime that I have seen through; hopefully! 366 is a long ways off and I am fretting on whether or not I will waiver in this endeavor. I do have to impress Jaymes Hanson however; can’t make that guy cry. In all honesty though this has been a series that has been forever in the foreground on my anime interest and it has been a long time coming. Having a former roommate that also enjoyed the series was also a big push in terms of morbid interest on my part.

So do yourself a favor and just watch this anime. Take it from someone who used to make (Still does) punny jokes and jabs at the series. I am falling in love with this series episode by episode and I frankly am giddy at the fact that this could be the very first long ran anime that I have completed; I’m also upset in knowing that I could have enjoyed this anime much sooner… Thank you for all the well wishes in this journey and I look forward to providing content for Bleach in the coming future! Which actually won’t be too long seeing as the new year is tomorrow!

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1 thought on “Why I Regret Just Now Starting Bleach!

  1. Trust me, if you are enjoying this anime this far, I think you like it a lot more as you watch and meet characters. This anime, like most Shonen Jump anime, has tons of powerful and funny characters. If you need help on Bleach, just ask me and I could use my avid knowledge to help you haha.

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