A New Year With Old Reflections (Plus Thanks)!

Time sure flies when you have fun or that’s at least what I have been told. 2016 is a year that for many is rocky, devastating and bewildering. For us, 2016 represent a year of enormous growth and the chance to start on a path towards being apart of the amazing anime industry; no matter how small the role. This year was the year I got to meet many new faces, to interact with folks that are leagues above my own social standing and to be able to write for a company that gave us a shot last year. This year wouldn’t have been possible if it was literally lacking all of you awesome supporters and stalkers. This time last year I was just starting out and finding my own standing ground and site identity. Now we have grown to encompass live streams and fledgling video content. Along the way I was helped out by impressive figures and awesome pals from across the pond.

Jaymes Hanson has been an impressive figure to chat with, to game with and to nerd out about Bleach with. It’s his passion and love for the series that inspires us to do our very best when making content for you all. If you have not came across his content before, please give him a chance. He is spontaneous and he is forth coming with his opinions; which we find to be quite admirable. Thank you man for showing me the light and thank you for being such an awesome fellow to chat with this past year!

Shay from Anime Reviewer Girl has long been an amazing woman to chat to, to laugh with and to talk to! She is a wildly talented content creator and someone who I see as making it big in the land of anime discussions. Thank you for always being a source of information, post ideas and an overall amazing friend! You helped to make 2016 and awesome year for us!

Rob Pereyda was the man with the plan and the gentleman that gave OGZ a shot at an ambassadorship program with the late Omakase program. He has been a constant source for inspiration as well as aspiration within the anime and manga community. A mover and shaker to be sure of. I could never repay him for his kindness and positive reinforcement and that makes me feel ever more indebted to this amazing man.

Hank Smith is the man with the loving obsession for amazing craft ales and the man who helped to push me to challenge myself by getting out there with our writing. I have been working with Hank since July and I have had nothing but a blast with this crazy awesome dude. 2016 will always be a year that is fond to us, purely because of the effort you put into helping us realize our potential.

Fray I don’t know how you put up with all the #fraybae nonsense that is tossed around but thank you for making 2016 the year I was introduced to more folks from the anime industry and gaming industries. I cannot express how thankful I am to have been able to play Overwatch with you all and to have gotten to know you!

And to the rest of you that made 2016 a phenomenal year and one that I will be hard pressed to beat this coming year! I have plans for conventions and I have plans for content that I wish to see through to the very end. Writing for you all is what makes this hobby/career fruitful and challenging. I wish nothing but the best for everyone in 2017 and I hope that you all see your resolutions through to the very end! As always thank you for reading, watching and engaging with us this past year. Thank you!

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7 thoughts on “A New Year With Old Reflections (Plus Thanks)!

  1. Kausus! Happy New Year. More power to your vlogging. Cheers!

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  2. Happy New Years Kauses! You can say that again about Shay. She’s one of the best female anime fans and I am glad to be one of her friends. As we get to 2017, I hope I can make some time and help your site. Keep moving forward dude.

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  3. Happy new year josh !!!! You’ll grow even more this year and my girl shay is amazing 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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    1. Happy new year to you as well!!!

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