Let’s Talk Music: Our Final Purchases of 2016!

With 2016 coming to a close I felt it necessary to pick up a few songs to end the year off on a very high note. While our purchases may be typical of our anime choices, these are still some amazing songs that  you can only find on the Japanese iTunes Store. Maybe they will one day make the jump over to the U.S. iTunes Store for these select songs, but today is not that day! So for those of you wanting to legally purchases these songs, you will have to have an official Japanese iTunes Account; or at least hope they are on Pandora or Spotify. OGZ responsibly sources its music and so should you! Okay, the promoting of legal sources aside, here are our amazing song picks!


To start us off I have to splurge on my favorite J-Rock group GARNiDELiA. Their latest album Violet Cry is a masterpiece of former song releases and yet it manages to bring two new songs that rock me to my core and make me want to crank the volume loud. EXXXTASY is a song that has the beats the rock you to your core. Both Maria and Toku impress me beyond belief with the superb work that they put into making each song an experience that is worth playing over and over. I cannot stress this more than I already have and the aforementioned song is an experience that must be heard. The second song that I picked up by them is Real and like the latter mentioned EXXXTASY is also beatie and just oh so good!


The second purchase is the excellent and latest opening to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable; The song being Great Days. This song personifies everything I love about JoJo and more. It is not a JoJo anime without a disco era sounding song that makes me want to get up and enjoy the day.


The third purchase is from the very first opening to the newest anime I have added to my watch list (to which we gave our impressions here!) which is known to the masses as Bleach. This anime took me by surprise and it’s catchy opening song * by Orange Range. This song has all the spunk of a 2003 era song and it makes me happy to feel like my kid self watching anime again on school nights.


The fourth purchase was the anime that had my attention this season. The song FLIP FLAP FLIP FLAP (feat. Chima) by TO-MAS is the ending theme to FLIP FLAPPERS and is an anime like no other; thankfully the song holds true to this. It is fanciful and reminds me of songs by the ever talented IU.


The final purchase is from the impressive band RONDONRATS。and is called Rain. This band first caught my attention by being the first announced guest for the local convention that we attend called, Naka-Kon. This group is phenomenal in musical ability and the songs are catchy and just as beatie as my favorite J-Rock group GARNiDELiA. I look forward to attending their concert later this MarchSo be sure to get your tickets to Naka-Kon 2017 if you want to join them on their first tour in the U.S.!

There you have it! Our latest purchase list! This was my biggest haul in one sitting and I am quite happy with my picks and I look forward to the many new songs that we shall purchase in the coming months of the new year!

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