What OGZ got this holiday season!

Haul posts or videos are all the rage these days and frankly we are on board with them too! So let’s jump straight into our haul list for this Christmas season! This post will also act as a way of properly giving our review and impressions of two items in particular; the Logitech MX Master and AOC’s 27” IPS LED monitor.

The Logitech MX Master is a deliciously designed mouse from the likes that I have never seen or used before. Aimed at the business and personal user types for power use and ease on the workflow of the individual. The mouse of designed to be something that of a car with sleek aerodynamic designs that conform well to the human hand. The textures and grips to the mouse are premium and enjoyable to feel in one’s hand that it is hard to want to let go of it after a day’s work. The mouse features the traditional left click, right click and scroll wheel. The scroll wheel has had a few changes in that it has adaptive scrolling to provide a much more responsive scrolling experience that the user may toggle on and off at will with the press of a small button above the scroll wheel. The mouse also comes with a unique horizontal scroll wheel that has it’s uses for work within video editors or even screens that have a vertical scroll bar. While odd at first, this wheel is an awesome addition to have and I found myself using it more often than not! The final addition is a built in button just under the thumb rest and that when pressed or pressed and moved in four directions, will perform a predetermined task. This could be something as simple as launching Word or the start menu.

The added layers of usefulness is not to be underestimated with this mouse. As far as game usage goes it does an amazing job. No it won’t wow you with it’s DPI settings, but it is a practical mouse to use in games that don’t require fast reflexes or snap decisions; games like Civilization VI or Total War: Warhammer. This mouse’s battery life is superb, with the usage that I have placed upon it. Logitech states that a user should get around a 40 day battery life on a single charge, provided they follow a 6 hour office work shift. Essentially your mileage may vary. The last feature that I love is the gestures control. Using the aforementioned button built into the mouse and moving it up, down, left or right will produce certain results. These are predetermined or entirely customized! With a single press I can toggle between seeing what applications I have open which makes it much easier to jump between items. Holding down the button and moving left allows me to play or pause media; while the right gesture launches iTunes. The amount of fun you can have with this mouse is a big understatement.

The second big item is a phenomenal monitor from the folks over at AOC. This 27” IPS LED display is gorgeous and playing games like Civilization VI or Total War: Warhammer are an absolute breeze and the color depth is unlike anything I have seen beforehand. It is truly a captivating experience that just leaves me colored impressed! Having two HDMI inputs means I can toggle between PC or PS4 without much effort at all. Sadly, this is not my ideal setup as I would have loved for the second port to have been an HDMI out; not being able to dual screen is down-putting. Beyond that tiny complaint, I have to say that I am blown away. The last desktop monitor that I owned was a bulky thing from the days of Windows XP.

Not much more to say about a monitor that is jaw-dropping beautiful! Now I did get more than just these two items, clothing and more practical items are apart of this flow. I am merely focusing on the two items that I will be engaging with on a day to day basis as they will impact our performance here at OGZ and Viewster. I hope you all managed to get what you all wanted this holiday season and I look forward to seeing/hearing about what old Saint Nicholas brought you this year!

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3 thoughts on “What OGZ got this holiday season!

  1. I really need to go watch your livestreams. I feel like my life is getting busier everyday. I feel 2016 was a major game changer for me. That mouse looks really great and updated. You might as well get the Bat Computer from Batman lol.

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    1. We all have to fight schedules and such on a day to day basis! No worries Matt!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Kauses. It feels like forever. This part of the year has not been easy for me.

        Liked by 1 person

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